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The market for subscription-based video streaming services is growing at a great pace. On top of that, more and more brands are venturing into these on-demand video streaming services. An example of one of the popular subscription-based video streaming services is Hulu. Hulu is available in the US and is owned as well as controlled by Walt Disney. Users can watch over 60 channels like ABC, ABC News Live, CBS, FOX, NBC, and The CW, along with regional sports networks from NBC as well as FOX. The subscription plans for Hulu begin at $5.99/month. You also have the ability to add HBO, Showtime, Cinemax, and Starz as add-ons as well.  

<strong>What are Hulu Error Codes and How to Fix them? </strong>  HalfofThe
What are Hulu Error Codes and How to Fix them?   HalfofThe

In this article, we have listed a list of all common Hulu error codes as well as solutions on how to fix them. There are several error codes that you might encounter while using an internet-based video streaming service. The reason for the errors could be poor internet connection or any hardware issue. However, thanks to this guide, you will be able to work around those errors, then watch error-free content on Hulu.   

General Troubleshooting Tips for Hulu Error Codes  

Below is the list of the first options you can try if you come across any errors when using Hulu services:  

  • Restart the streaming device.  
  • Reboot the internet connection.  
  • Re-install the Hulu app.  
  • Try connecting to a wired connection.  
  • Try updating the Hulu app.  
  • Hulu Error Codes with Possible Solutions  

If the above handy fix does not work with the issue that you are dealing with then, below is a list of specific errors as well as their possible solution.  

Error code 3 & 5  

If you encounter error 3 or 5 then, you might see the below-listed error messages:  

  • Error playing this video  
  • Sorry, we have encountered an error while playing the video. Please try restarting the video. Or, select something else to watch.  
  • We are having trouble loading right now  
  • Check your internet connection, then try again.  
  • An unexpected problem (but not server timeout or HTTP error) has occurred.  
  • Please check your internet connection, then try again. Error Code: -5: Malformed data.  

If the problem persists, restart your device.  

  • The possible solution to fix this is to:  
  • Restart the streaming device.  
  • Reconnect the Wi-Fi connection.  

The error code 3 appears when Hulu pushes forth a new update. So, make sure you always keep the Hulu app updated on your device to avoid errors.  

Hulu error code 400  

What are Hulu Error Codes and How to Fix them?  
What are Hulu Error Codes and How to Fix them?  

The error code 400 usually occurs when there is some problem with your account information. You will spot the below-listed error messages:  

We are having trouble loading right now. Check your internet connection, then try again.  

Error code: 400  

The possible workaround for this error is to reinstall the Hulu app. Or, you can try deleting your device from the account, then re-adding it later. You can always check in with Hulu customer support if the problem persists. You could easily remove the device from your account by visiting:  

  • Click on your name, this is in the upper right corner.  
  • Click on Account.  
  • Type in your login credentials.  
  • Scroll down till you find the section titled “Watch Hulu on Your Devices “.  
  • Then, click on “Manage Devices “.  
  • Locate the device on which you’re experiencing the error 400, then click on “Remove “.  

Error code 500  

You will encounter error code 500 when there is a server error from Hulu’s side. You will see messages like “There was an error on the page (500 error).” “Sorry – We have encountered an unexpected error.” when error code 500 persists.  

A possible workaround for the error code 500 is to refresh the website. Or, if you are streaming via the app, try to reboot the application to see if the problem exists. You could also take a look at your internet connection.  

Error code 16  

The error code 16 is the invalid region code. When a user tries to access Hulu in a region where it is not available, the error code will appear. You will encounter messages like:  

We are sorry, currently, our video library can only be streamed in the US. For further information regarding Hulu’s international availability, click here.  

If you are living in the United States and still encounter this message, please click here.  

As you guessed, there is no solution for this error, if you live in the US but are using a VPN, then turn it off. Basically, all that can be done is access Hulu from the IP address that is within the United States, because Hulu video streaming service is currently serviceable only in the US. 

Hulu HDCP error  

HDCP stands for High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection, this means it is a protected content error. HDCP is caused basically when the video source is outdated. Or, if there is a failure in communication.  

To overcome the HDCP issue, you can:  

  • Unplug the HDMI cable from your TV, or unplug it from your streaming device.  
  • Turn off the power source of the TV.  
  • Reconnect the HDMI cable to the TV or the streaming device.  
  • Turn ON the TV to see if the HDCP issue is rectified.  

Error Code BYA  

BYA error code is encountered when there is a different playback error when streaming videos on Hulu. You will see the following messages:  

Error playing the video  

Sorry, we have encountered an error playing the video. Please try to restart the video. Or, select something else to view.  

If you come across the error code BYA while playing a video on Hulu then, you should try to stream a different video on Hulu. If other videos are being played then, Hulu might be experiencing a partial problem with a particular set of content.  

Advertisements not loading on Hulu  

If, the ads displayed on Hulu are not loading. Or, if they are unable to display in a particular browser then, follow the below fix:  

  • Visit your browser.  
  • Click on Settings.  
  • Navigate to Extensions.  
  • Then, remove the extension.  

Or, you can try a different supported browser for watching content on Hulu. However, if the problem persists on all the browsers, then follow:  

If the security software you have installed is causing conflicts with Hulu.  

Take a look if there are any set restrictions under the Network settings.  

No Audio  

If you have experienced issues like no audio, distorted audio, or audio/video out of sync. Or, if the volume was too high or low then, follow:  

Test other videos, to see if the problem is not just for that single video.  

Make sure your audio settings are set to Stereo or Normal.  

Check the HDMI cable, if it is damaged replace it.  

Try testing the video using external speakers.  

Videos not in your language  

If the content being played on Hulu is not of your desired language, then you could just check for the language settings on Hulu. You also have the ability to check for the appropriate page of the show as shows recorded in multiple languages have separate pages respective based on their languages.  

Out-of-sync captions  

If the subtitles on the video you’re watching are out of sync, then, you have to disable the captions completely and close the Hulu application. Then re-open the app to see if the problem persists. This fix can also be used if you are not able/to disable, or format closed captions/subtitles. Or, if you are not able to change the language of closed captions/subtitles. 


This is a recently found error code on Hulu. The PLRUNK15 error code flashes on Roku streaming devices when the Hulu app is having server issues obtaining data from the server. When the error occurs, you will see a message like “We have encountered an error playing the video. Please try to restart the video or try something else.” or “Hulu Error Code: PLRUNK15”. This error appears when you are using the Roku device to stream content from Hulu. Few users have reported the issue while using live television as well as while streaming events through Hulu with Live TV.  

Reasons behind this issue could be corrupt data in the cache, connectivity problems, etc. If you are experiencing the same PLRUNK15 issue then try to reload the same movie or episode. You can check other episodes or clear other streaming devices. You could try using Netflix or YouTube to see if the problem persists.  

Also, make sure that you have the updated Hulu app. Also, check your internet speed. You could also restart the Wi-Fi connection as well as disable the adblocker. Clearing the cache also helps. 


This PLAREQ17 error code is similar to the PLRUNK15 error code. This is encountered when you are trying to stream content from Roku, PC, or a Smart TV. To fix the issue you can check the internet connection, reboot, or reset the modem. Try disabling any VPN app, if being used. Note – These are some of the potential fixes that have helped several users who encountered the error code PLAREQ17.  


PLAUNK65 error code is encountered due to connectivity issues. The issue could be related to your Wi-Fi, internet connection, or even the hotspot. You may see messages that say “Error playing the video”, “Connection error” or even “Playback failure”.   

The most common fix is to reset or reboot the Wi-Fi connection or the source of the internet. For other fixes, you could try to refresh the page, then reload the video. Try a different internet connection, and check your internet connection’s stability. Or, check any social media page for any outage.  


RUNUNK13 error code is encountered when there is a problem with the cache of the browser. This can be easily fixed by clearing the cache data on your browser. Or, you can just reinstall the Hulu app on your device. The code is encountered when the Hulu app is unable to take requests. You could also try and update the Hulu app, and restart your device, you could try rebooting your internet connection, as well.  


The P-DEV323 error code is generally associated with a server-side issue, problematic add-ins, ad blocker, VPN interference, or even corrupted temporary data. To solve the issue, you can   

  • Check Hulu servers  
  • Use incognito mode  
  • Clear Cache  
  • Disable VPN  
  • Contact Hulu Support  


The error code DRMCDM78 will appear with an error message “we are having trouble playing the video now.” The description of the error message asks the user to restart their device. The reasons behind the error could be a server error, outdated browser files, or corrupted temporary data, TCP/IP issues, etc. The best thing that can be done is to check for any server issues by visiting websites like a down detector, or by updating the browser to the latest version. You can also try clearing the browser cache as well as deleting temporary data, resetting the router, etc.  

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