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How to add Disney Plus Bundle with ESPN Plus to Your Existing Hulu Account?

How to add Disney Plus Bundle with ESPN Plus to Your Existing Hulu Account?
How to add Disney Plus Bundle with ESPN Plus to Your Existing Hulu Account?

Even though Disney Plus justifies its pricing. You can further save while getting more content by subscribing to the Disney plus bundle instead. This includes ESPN+ along with a Hulu (With Ads) subscription. Do you already have a Hulu subscription? You can still receive the savings.

You have created a Disney+ account using an email and password, be it either for the $6.99 per month or $69.99 per month service. If you wish to switch to the $12.99 per month Disney+ bundle, but you already have a Hulu account; you convert and save $5.99 per month. As it is the monthly cost of Hulu (With Ads).

To switch over to the Disney plus bundle follow:

  • Make sure you use the same email address across each platform.
  • If they are somehow different, make changes on your ESPN Plus & Hulu accounts to match with Disney+.
  • After the emails are matched, log into Disney Plus through their website.
  • Click on the profile link
  • Click on Edit Profiles.
  • Choose the main Disney+ account. This should be the first profile you created while signing up.
  • After selecting Disney+ main account, go back to the main Disney+ screen.
  • Click on the profile link. Your primary Disney+ profile is selected.
  • Click on Account.
  • Pick the Disney Bundle, and follow the directions, that include the adding of a banking card.

After creating your new bundle, you’ll be receiving an email confirmation. Later, you’ll be receiving a follow-up email that confirms whatever credits earned by making the switch. If you previously had a Hulu account or an ESPN Plus account, you can log in to the new account using Disney+ credentials. If you want you could log in from the Accounts page on Disney+.

The Disney Plus Bundle presently only includes the Hulu (With Ads) package for $12.99 per month. If you had the Hulu (No Ads) plan, you’ll be getting a $5.99 per month discount. Which means you’ll be paying $18.99 per month for all three services.

What if you made the Disney+ Purchase through App Store or Google Play?

  • After you switch to the Disney Bundle, you have to cancel the other subscription information, to prevent you from getting double-billed. This can be done via
  • Visit your App Store/Google Play subscriptions and canceling, or
  • Call Disney+ customer service at (888) 905-7888
  • Note- There is no free trial for the Disney+ Bundle.

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