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You can find anything on Google. Type in a question, answer, or any concept you can think of and Google will search through billions of documents to help you find the perfect match for all your needs – no matter what they may be. Google is so much more than just an internet browser and webmail client: it’s a go-to hub for information about everything from things that took place long ago (thanks to Library) to tunes and places out there that are trying to get discovered now (YouTube). Google has already taken over the net, with millions of users visiting each day looking for answers, inspiration, music videos… even porn! But don’t let us tell you how great we are; come by on our homepage today to see for yourself

Google Drive’s Android update introduces an improved document scanner with a new image viewfinder, simpler controls, and an “Auto capture” mode. Enhancements include a preview interface with editing tools and folder-specific uploads. Additional updates include a redesigned homepage, smoother mobile experience, and an “activity” menu for file management.

Google has launched Gemini, a multimodal AI language model outperforming GPT-4 in understanding and responding to user queries across various data forms, including text, images, and sound. Gemini’s enhanced contextual analysis indicates a significant advance in user interaction and code generation applications, intensifying competition in the AI sector.

Google Meet has launched a hand gesture detection feature that recognizes when a user raises their hand during a video call. The feature triggers the hand raise icon to notify other participants. It is available on most Google Meet Workspace plans and can be enabled in settings. The feature is useful for situations where a user may be away from the computer or their hands are dirty. Last month, Google Meet introduced a portrait touch-up mode for video calls.

Google has confirmed that the display bumps on the Pixel 8 Pro have no impact on its performance or durability. The bumps are caused by internal components and are visible when the screen is off and under specific lighting conditions. While it is not a serious issue at the moment, Google appreciates users flagging the problem to ensure it does not become a bigger concern in the future.

Google has announced that inactive Google accounts, including Gmail and Photos, will be deleted starting from December. If you want to keep your account, you need to perform a small action, such as sending an email or using Google Search, to mark it as active. Accounts that have not been used in any way for two years will be subject to deletion. Google will provide multiple warning notifications to inactive accounts before deleting them. Accounts with previously uploaded YouTube videos, Workspace or Business accounts will not be deleted.

Google is moving forward with its plan to limit ad-blocking extensions on Chrome under the Manifest V3 format. Starting from June 2024, Chrome will disable Manifest V2 extensions in the pre-stable versions, and users will no longer be able to install or use them. The move has faced criticism for potentially harming popular extensions and limiting filtering capabilities. In contrast, Mozilla’s Firefox plans to implement Manifest V3 without such limitations, ensuring users can continue to access privacy tools.

Google Maps’ recent update featuring a new color palette has sparked frustration among users, with complaints on Reddit and Twitter about the less distinct roads, fainter water bodies, and more vivid route indicators causing readability issues. There’s a call for a return to the old color scheme as the new one is perceived as a needless and unwelcome change.