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Apple’s AirTags are used for tracking personal items, aiding those prone to misplacing belongings. Recommended for Apple users seeking item security; less beneficial for those averse to technology or privacy concerns. They’re particularly useful for locating lost keys, luggage, or electronics.

iOS 17 has brought some new features, but it may also be affecting your battery life. Here are 7 battery-saving tips specifically for iOS 17 users, including setting an 80% charging limit, using USB-C to charge external devices, disabling AirDrop and NameDrop, managing screen distance, disabling “Hey Siri,” adjusting haptics settings, and considering alternatives to using your iPhone as a bedside clock. These tips can help prolong your iPhone’s battery life.

Using private browsing modes like Incognito or Safari’s private browsing does not provide online shoppers with better prices. These modes simply erase search history and prevent browsers from using cookies to track browsing activity. Companies determine pricing based on various factors unrelated to personal search history. Additionally, tech companies are often able to identify users even in private mode because of digital fingerprints and other attributes. For true privacy, consider using search engines like that do not track user data.

Apple has announced that its iPhones will soon support the RCS texting standard, which will likely improve the texting experience between iPhone and Android devices. However, Apple will continue to differentiate between texts sent between its devices and texts sent to non-Apple devices. While Apple’s adoption of RCS is a positive development for the texting standard, it is unlikely to displace iMessage anytime soon, with Apple and Google likely to retain exclusive features in their respective messaging apps. Additionally, other chat apps like WhatsApp and Signal may still be more convenient for many users due to their built-in features like encryption.

Emmett Shear, co-founder of Twitch, has become the interim CEO of OpenAI following the sudden departure of former CEO Sam Altman. Shear will have the challenging task of salvaging a company that has lost key staff and is at risk of losing more. As a vocal commentator on AI, Shear’s views on limited regulation and the potential dangers of artificial general intelligence may shape OpenAI’s future direction. Furthermore, questions remain about how Shear will manage the company’s relationship with Microsoft, which now employs Altman.

Writing the best ChatGPT prompts involves clarity, specificity, and context. A good prompt should clearly define the desired outcome and provide specific instructions. Additionally, providing context and examples helps the model understand the desired output. Using these techniques can enhance the quality and effectiveness of AI-generated responses.

As social media begins to decline, the next big change that could replace it in the future remains uncertain. However, emerging technologies such as virtual reality, augmented reality, and decentralized networks are potential contenders for the next major platform shift.

Sam Altman was ousted as CEO of OpenAI by its board, attributed to a lack of candor. Board member Helen Toner, noted for her work in AI safety and effective altruism, is now in the spotlight amid tensions over the direction of the company and its AI developments. The remaining board focuses on AI safety in the face of potential risks and commercial pressures.