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About What, Information is constantly changing and updating. It’s difficult to keep up with everything that is happening in the world, let alone all of your favorite apps, social media platforms, and other technology. Halfofthe makes it easy to stay on top of what you care about by providing a personalized feed of all the information relevant to you.

In a world where AI isn’t just a tech buzzword but the star of its own drama, imagine a movie where Joseph Gordon-Levitt plays Sam Altman, juggling algorithms and boardroom antics with the flair of a Silicon Valley superhero. Riz Ahmed, as Satya Nadella, brings a dash of Microsoft might, debating code and cloud computing like it’s an Oscar-worthy performance. Picture Benedict Cumberbatch as the AI whisperer, Greg Brockman, programming by day and philosophizing by night. This isn’t just a tech story; it’s a blockbuster hit where code is king, and the boardroom is the new battlefield. Popcorn, anyone?

Did you ever wonder what windows version your device is running? Do you want to know which version of Windows…