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Wave browser is a strange name, if you didn’t hear it, don’t worry, you are not missing out on much. It is rarely heard by the majority of computer users. Did this name trigger your curiosity? Or, is this thing hassling you? Don’t worry, as this article will give you a complete introduction to the wave browser. 

What is Wave Browser and How to download it?
What is Wave Browser and How to download it?

What Is Wave Browser?

Wave browser was developed by Wavesor software in 2015, however, the real origin of the wave browser is vaguely classified.

Few users may wonder what the wave browser is and they sometimes confuse the Microsoft wave browser as the same as Microsoft Edge, however, it is not. The Wave Browser is not affiliated with Microsoft company, they are completely two different programs.

You might have spotted this program appears involuntarily on your PC. This usually occurs because the wave browser can get automatically installed through file-bundling. What does it even do?

Wave Browser’s primary function is to render HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language). This is the standard markup language for documents designed to be displayed in a web browser, i.e., when a browser loads a web page, it processes the HTML.

Is Wave Browser Safe?

Wave Browser program is deemed as PUP (potentially unwanted program). Though such potentially malicious software is not a virus, it has the ability to be an approach for the malware to make unauthorized system changes without the admin’s permission.

What are the risks you need to be concerned about Wave Browser?

  • Vulnerable defense against hackers as well as viruses
  • Data leakage
  • A lot of pop-up ads, banners, offers, and links on the webpages

Therefore, it is recommended to not install the wave browser and to uninstall it.

How to download Wave Browser?

Despite reading all the possible risks, if you still wish to download Wave Browser, then you can just visit their website, and click on the download button for whichever Operating System your device runs on. However, we don’t recommend you download it. 

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