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Streamlining tasks, assignments, as well as communication, is a must for the productivity of a workplace. The days of sticky notes on a large whiteboard are mostly gone. As teams grow bigger with projects growing more complicated, technology is stepping up to play a major role in project management. Smart project management tools, for example, ClickUp as well as Asana, allow for the tracking of an entire project from one location.  

Asana vs ClickUp: Glanced Over  

Asana vs ClickUp: Project management software comparison
Asana vs ClickUp: Project management software comparison

ClickUp as well as Asana project management tools use the power of an obvious platform to help teams organize projects, focus on key objectives, share as well as store documents, and assign tasks along with the ability to track progress. Both of them are cloud-based, which makes them accessible from computers, tablets, or phones. Both the platforms have free versions for individuals & small teams. They can integrate with a large number of third-party apps to add more organizational, time-tracking as well as communication functions.  

Those are all the similarities among them. ClickUp aims to be an all-in-one project as well as a work management system. It markets itself as “one app to replace all,” it wants to be the one-stop shop for users who do not wish to spend time switching between multiple applications.  

ClickUp provides several customizable workflow templates, management tools along with reporting features. Due to the platform being so customizable, it requires a learning curve.   

Asana, on the contrary, is not as customizable, thus making its intuitive layout easier to learn. Asana’s “Portfolios” feature outlines a project’s objectives which makes it easy to keep track of the project across the entire team. Asana also offers a number of automation triggers to streamline the workflow.  

How do ClickUp and Asana Stack Up? 

 ClickUp Asana 
Main Features Task organization, progress tracking along with workload management Task organization, progress tracking along with workload management 
Task Display Views List, board, timeline, calendar, box, activity, mind maps, workloads, table, map List, board, timeline, calendar, progress, forms 
Free Plan Unlimited tasks as well as users Unlimited tasks & 15 users 
Customer Support Support team available 24/7 including holidays 24/7 support is only available for the most expensive plan 
Pricing Starts at $5 per month Starts at $10.99 per month 
Refund Policy Issues full refunds within 30 days Does not offer refunds 
Asana vs ClickUp: Project management software comparison

A key difference between the two platforms is the pricing. Asana’s paid plans cost almost twice as much as ClickUp’s plans. ClickUp’s free version is also more robust than Asana’s free version. ClickUp’s free plan allows for unlimited tasks and users while Asana’s free plan is limited to 15 users and only offers basic task management tools.  

Both ClickUp, as well as Asana’s free plans, limit users to 100 MB of storage. Though there is no restriction on completing tasks within the apps, it does limit the number of files that will are allowed to upload. The free plans are great for learning the ropes of the project management platforms; however, the restrictions make it difficult for most teams to use the free plans for a prolonged period.  

Asana vs ClickUp: Project management software comparison
Asana vs ClickUp: Project management software comparison

Customer service is also a key feature to consider while choosing a platform. ClickUp offers an impressive 24/7 chat along with email support, even on the free plan. Whereas Asana has ample support documentation available for a smooth onboarding experience, sadly, its 24/7 customer service feature is only available for the highest-tier customers.  

Asana vs ClickUp: The Bottom Line  

At the end of the day, both Asana and ClickUp are great project management tools, it depends on what you want. They offer great features to help organize as well as manage all aspects of work projects. ClickUp, however, has more advanced customization as well as higher-quality features at a lower price. It does have a competitive advantage for budget-conscious users.  

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