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If you are an iCloud storage subscriber whose storage plan is more than the required plan. And if you are planning on downgrading or removing your iCloud storage subscription, you can change the subscription plan on your apple settings. We have come up with the instructions that will guide you through the steps on how you can downgrade your Apple iCloud storage subscription

How to downgrade the iCloud storage plan?
How to downgrade the iCloud storage plan?

When you are downgrading your iCloud subscription, Apple will automatically generate the invoice for the new subscription, and for completely removing the subscription, you can set the subscription to the default-free 5GB plan that will be present in the different plans that will be available in your subscription plan.

What are the available iCloud storage subscription options?

  • 5Gb plan is the default subscription plan that is set as the base plan for all iPhones. You can choose this option to downgrade to the basic plan.
  • 50GB plan I an option that is available for $0.99per month and, this option is plenty for those who use their storage wisely.
  • 200GB option available for $2.99per month which is the perfect plan to share data in the family.
  • 2TB is the last and the biggest plan which costs $9.99per month, this is best for a small development or a small start-up where you can share or transfer large files in the company chain.

How to downgrade iCloud storage subscription?

  1. Visit the apple settings application on your iPhone, and click on the account name option, after that select the iCloud option.
  2. As a new window appears select the manage storage option, you will see the present storage option that you are using.
  3. Scroll down to the end of your menu, select the downgrade option, you will be requested to enter the account credentials.
  4. Once you do that you will be redirected to a menu, you can choose a lower subscription, and that’s it. Your subscription plan is changed.

And if you are thinking about the invoice for the change in plan, apple will take care of it and will make the necessary changes automatically.

This is how you can downgrade your iCloud storage subscription, even though this does not cost a lot. This is an important option that will come in handy depending on your storage usage and if you think that the extra storage is necessary or not. We hope that this article will help you and will answer your queries