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Apple is known for its decades of innovation and excellence in engineering, design, quality, and leadership. Their products are also excellent at adaptability to your lifestyle.

Apple’s AirTags are used for tracking personal items, aiding those prone to misplacing belongings. Recommended for Apple users seeking item security; less beneficial for those averse to technology or privacy concerns. They’re particularly useful for locating lost keys, luggage, or electronics.

This guide explains how to set up an Apple Watch Series 4, SE, or later with cellular capability for a family member without an iPhone, detailing both the process and the available features. While some features are limited without an iPhone, Family Setup still permits phone calls, messages, and location sharing, making it suitable for children or elderly relatives. However, using cellular connectivity alone may lead to faster battery drain.

Apple’s Black Friday deals offer customers up to a $200 gift card with the purchase of select Apple products such as iPhones, iPads, Macs, and AirPods on However, the promotions exclude the latest models and can be outmatched by greater discounts from other retailers. Gift cards vary by product and can be used for future Apple purchases, including hardware and digital services.

Amazon is offering the best deal yet on the Apple Watch Ultra 2, with a $69 discount. They are also offering a new all-time low price on the Apple AirPods Pro 2 with Lightning port at $169. There are also discounted prices on official Apple Magic accessories for Mac. Additionally, there are Black Friday sales on Roborock robotic vacuums and Aqara smart home accessories.

Apple CEO Tim Cook has stated that he wants his successor to come from within the company. While he couldn’t provide a specific name, Cook mentioned that he is grooming “several people” for the board to eventually choose from. Cook, who has no immediate plans to step down, also discussed Apple’s detailed succession plans in case of unforeseen circumstances. Under Cook’s leadership, Apple has experienced significant growth and success, with analysts predicting that the company may reach a $4 trillion market cap by 2025.

Rumors suggest that iOS 18 may undergo a refreshing redesign, possibly influenced by the unique visual aesthetics of Vision OS. While Apple’s systems share visual similarities, Vision OS, designed for spatial computing, stands out. It is speculated that iOS may adopt elements from Vision OS to create a more visually appealing experience.

Apple may be introducing a touchscreen to its MacBook in the near future, according to a reliable Apple tipster. This feature has long been requested by users and is already present in high-end Windows laptops. The touchscreen may feature a new construction style, making it thinner and more integrated with the display. This development could bring macOS and iPadOS closer together and enhance the MacBook’s functionality. It is anticipated that the touchscreen MacBook may be released in 2026.

The average iPhone sales price in the US is declining, according to a report by CIRP. The average retail price peaked at $988 in the March quarter and has since decreased. The introduction of new models and the decline in sales of older flagship phones contributed to this trend. It remains to be seen if Apple can increase average selling prices in the upcoming holiday quarter.

The Atomic Stealer malware (AMOS), historically targeting Windows users, has expanded to Mac devices as per Malwarebytes. Labeled ClearFake, this campaign misleads victims through malicious ads on compromised websites, impersonating browser updates from major tech brands to distribute the malware, which then steals various types of personal data.

Apple CEO Tim Cook has stated that the company has “very detailed” succession plans in place for when he eventually steps down, but he has no immediate plans to leave. Cook emphasized the importance of preparing multiple individuals within Apple for the role of CEO, expressing his desire that the next CEO be an internal candidate. In a wide-ranging interview with singer Dua Lipa, Cook also discussed his personal background, Apple’s environmental efforts, the impact of smartphones, and his thoughts on artificial intelligence.