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Is Tesla facing a blow in terms of safety measures? Because more than 750 Tesla owners have filed a complaint to the US safety regulators that while the cars operating on partially automated driving systems they would just stop on roadways for no apparent reason.

What are the biggest complaints from owners of a Tesla car?
What are the biggest complaints from owners of a Tesla car?

The US regulator did an investigation of phantom braking in Tesla’s Models 3 as well as Y which had received about 354 complaints last February. However, the investigation covered an estimated 416,000 vehicles from 2021 as well as the 2022 model years.

What are the biggest complaints from owners of a Tesla car?

Back in June this year the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration had revealed the number in a detailed information request letter to Tesla which was posted on the agency’s website. In this letter, the authorities had asked Tesla for all consumer as well as field reports it received about false braking, along with reports of crashes, injuries, deaths, as well as property damage claims. The letter also asked whether the company’s “Full Self Driving” and automatic emergency braking systems were active at the time of any incident, as reported by PTI.

Through the letter, the regulator gave Tesla a deadline of June 20 for responding to the information request, however, the company could have opted for an extension.

According to the letter, the agency was looking into vehicles equipped with automated driver-assist features, for example, adaptive cruise control along with “Autopilot,” which allow the cars to automatically brake and steer within their lanes.

There have been further complaints regarding the rapid deceleration occurring without warning, and often repeatedly during a single drive cycle.

It appears that many owners seem to have written to the agency fearing a rear-end crash on the freeway.

Beneath the letter, the agency also further sought clarification over the initial speed of when the cars began to brake, the final speed, along with the average deceleration. They even asked whether the automated systems detected a target obstacle and if Tesla has video of the braking incidents.

Additionally, the agency was also seeking details on warranty claims for phantom braking including the owners’ names along with the repairs that were made. Along with that, information was asked on Tesla’s sensors, information regarding testing or investigations into the braking problems was also requested, or if any modifications were made.

Other Complaints of a Tesla car owner

The obvious yet valid complaint, buying a Model 3 isn’t cheap. Yes, Elon Musk did aim to offer it for $35,000, but currently, the car starts at $47,000. On top of that car insurance isn’t exactly affordable either, as it averages at $3,149 a year.

The lack of support for Carplay and Android Auto is another common grievance from Tesla car owners.

Many drivers have experienced glitches in AutoPilot and Full Self-Driving modes, these glitches have caused problems ranging from accidents and close calls to phantom braking.

Despite the high praise the company gets for its software updates, they actually make things worse sometimes, few users have complained that recent updates have made heat heaters and tire pressure less accessible.

There are also a few physical flaws with the Tesla 3 as many of these issues show themselves as the weather changes. When it rains, for example, people have reviewed that water drains into the trunk whenever you open it. 

However, the worst weather-related problem has more to do with the Model 3’s battery. Just like it is a problem with any EV, cold weather negatively impacts the battery range. To be fair, this problem is more a common problem with every electric car and is not a completely Tesla-specific problem.

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