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One of the biggest questions that prospective EV owners have is what happens if a Tesla runs out of charge. How do you recharge a Tesla? Of course, no one wants to get stuck on the highway because they ran out of charge, no matter how rare that is.

Can you plug a Tesla into a regular wall outlet?
Can you plug a Tesla into a regular wall outlet?

The advantage of a Tesla is that there are so many ways to charge this vehicle, you have the ability to charge your Tesla right at home to never run out of charge. 

In most cases, you will fully charge a Tesla overnight, like how you plug in your phone to charge while you sleep, and then it is ready when you wake up. Tesla recommends installing a Wall Connector at your home because this is the fastest as well as the easiest way to charge up the vehicle.

However, you will have to install an outlet outside of the garage or in the garage (if your house has one) before you purchase a Tesla. It is recommended by Tesla you use a NEMA 14-50, which is a 240V outlet on a 50 AMP circuit breaker. 

These Superchargers will charge a Tesla Model 3 at about 30 miles per hour. However, if your house has a 240V plug already installed, you can purchase adapters for that outlet. You might ask yourself, what about regular outlets? Can you plug a Tesla into a regular wall outlet?

Can You Charge a Tesla with a Regular Wall Outlet?

The majority of regular household outlets are either 110V or 120V outlets. These have a much lower voltage than the recommended 240V outlets that can be used to charge up your Tesla. However, yes, you could use a regular outlet to charge the Tesla.

The good news is that all Tesla models come with a domestic adapter so that you can charge it up with a standard outlet, it can be found installed in any home or establishment. Yes, this also means you can use your dryer outlet to charge the Tesla. 

However, these types of lower voltage outlets only charge about 7 miles of range per hour of charge, depending on the vehicle, so charging from these outlets this way does vary depending on the Tesla you have.

Say a regular charging outlet takes about an hour to charge for around 4-5 miles, you will have to wait nearly 62 hours to charge it completely. The average cost of electricity in the US is about $0.13 per kWh. Say you have a charging efficiency of around 85%, which is the average for Level 2 home charging stations.

With these calculations, it can cost you around $15.29 for a Model X to charge fully, as it has a range of nearly 360 miles.

The best and most efficient way to charge a Tesla would be with a Tesla Wall Connector, however, you can still use a regular wall outlet, but keep in mind, it takes time, a lot of time. Because to get a full charge with a standard outlet, it would take around 3 or 4 days, based on the vehicle and its battery.

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