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You are excited to use your freshly brought Pixel 7 Pro, you open the camera, and oh no, what do you feel, the back of the phone starts to heat up after a bit of use. Sensing your brand-new Pixel 7 Pro getting hot while performing minor tasks is a major disappointment. Well, don’t worry, as I and this article will show you how you can deal with the Pixel 7 Pro’s overheating issue. 

Google Pixel 7 Pro overheating issues? How to fix it?
Google Pixel 7 Pro overheating issues? How to fix it?

Why does the Pixel 7 Pro overheat?

According to Google, If your phone sometimes feels warm, you should not be too concerned. Your phone and not just a Pixel can get warm if you:

  • Play videos, games, or other media.
  • Make video calls.
  • Record high-definition videos.
  • Connect to a Wi-Fi hotspot.
  • When you use the Pixel as a Wi-Fi hotspot.
  • Download or upload a lot of data over mobile data or even a Wi-Fi connection.
  • Do any of the above processes while the phone charges.

To counteract the stress these processes, cause the chip, the phone tries to protect itself.

How does your phone protect itself from overheating?

Your Pixel may begin to limit some functions when it senses that it is too hot. The Pixel may:

  • Slow down
  • Slow charging
  • Turn off the camera’s flash
  • Turn off the camera
  • It can partially or fully turn off your mobile data or Wi-Fi, including 5G

To help prevent your phone from getting too hot it is best if you keep it out of direct sunlight. If the Pixel’s temperature continues to rise, it could show a warning and turn off. The device turns off to keep you as well as the phone safe. If your phone turns off you need to let it cool down and then restart it.

Note – If your Pixel continues to turn off it’s best if you contact Pixel support.

How to prevent your Pixel 7 Pro from overheating? 

Restrict App’s Battery Usage

In a lot of cases, an app might be aggressively running in the background which also leads to excessive battery drainage on top of overheating your device. Therefore, you should consider putting a cap on the maximum battery usage for apps, to do so follow the:

  • Make your way to the Settings menu on your device.
  • Visit Battery > Battery Usage section.
  • Here refer to the apps under the ‘App usage for past 24 hr’.
  • Tap on the first app in that list, then tap on Restricted from the menu.
  • Likewise, repeat for all the apps that occupy a higher position in that list.
  • After you’re done, verify if it fixes the overheating issue on your Pixel 7 Pro.

Disable Physical Activity Permission

If there is a smartwatch app installed on your Pixel, then it would tend to constantly run in the background as it carries out its tasks, for example, counting your steps. However, this might also end up overheating the device. Which is why you should consider disabling the app’s Physical Activity permission. You can just refer to all your activity data directly from the watch itself, to do so:

  • Navigate to Settings > Apps > See All Apps.
  • Tap on the smartwatch app (For example, Samsung Health App) and go to the Permission section.
  • Then select the Physical Activity permission under Allowed.
  • Here change the permission to Don’t Allow, then check if it makes a difference.

Use the Official Charger

While it has been said many times before, yet, I would still like to reiterate that you should only use the official charger and not any third-party one. In this regard, you have to use the official USB cable that comes with the Pixel along with the 30W charging brick purchasable from Google.

To see a broad list of things you can do to prevent your phone from Overheating, you can visit Goggle’s official HELP page. 

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