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Are you switching from an iPhone to a Google Pixel? Then there is a list of things you must do.

How to transfer data from iPhone to Google Pixel 7?
How to transfer data from iPhone to Google Pixel 7?

The secret to an easy transfer process is the tiny plastic adapter that Google includes in the box. The adapter has a USB-A connector on one end and a USB-C connector on the other, this setup allows you to connect your new Pixel to the old iPhone. You can use a USB-C to Lightning cable if your iPhone is comparatively new, for example, iPhone 11 and further.

Using this adapter, you gain the ability to transfer your photos, videos, files, music as well as wallpaper. You can use it to automatically download any Android versions of the free iOS apps you have on your iPhone. What about iMessage you might ask, while Apple’s messaging service will not work on a Pixel, you have the ability to move your message history as well as threads to your Pixel.

How to transfer data from iPhone to Google Pixel 7?

The first thing you have to do is to charge both phones. Then you will turn off iMessage across all of your Apple devices, or on any device that uses the same AppleID as your iPhone. To do so, visit settings, then Messages, here toggle off iMessage.

If the new Pixel came with a SIM card, install it, turn on the phone, then tap the Start button. After the phone turns on connect to a Wi-Fi network, then select Copy your data. Now you have to unlock your iPhone and put your lighting power cable at the bottom. Then, plug the other end into the adapter which Google has termed a Quick Switch Adapter (QSA). Finally, plug the QSA into your new Pixel. You also have the ability to use a USB-C to Lighting cable.

When prompted, tap on Trust on the iPhone, then sign into your Google Account on the Pixel. Afterward, you have to choose what exactly you want to copy (photos, music, messages, etc.), then tap on Copy.

Now it is time for the Pixel to transfer everything. Depending on how much stuff you are transferring, the estimated time will vary from a few minutes to a couple of hours. As the transfer happens, you can continue setting up your Pixel, for example, you can add a PIN or set up Google Assistant and Google Pay. After the transfer is complete the process is done. You just need to check to make sure everything you wanted to migrate actually did.

If you wish to know more about transferring your data from an iPhone to the Pixel, you can take a look at Goggle’s official HELP page

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