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Are there the same duplicate contacts when you pull up contact from your contacts list on your iPhone? There could be duplicate contacts listed under Work, Home, as well as others. When you connect your iPhone to services such as Facebook, Gmail, Yahoo, and Outlook, you might run into the issue of duplicate contacts.

Ways to Remove Duplicate Contacts on iPhone
Ways to Remove Duplicate Contacts on iPhone

But you might wonder, what’s the problem with having duplicate contacts? Well, having too many duplicate contacts can be problematic. A tiny little difference in the contact details can stop you from making contact. Based on the number of duplicate contacts, you can opt to either remove them manually or you can use an app to remove them.

This article will help you delete duplicate contacts on your iPhone manually or with an app.

How to Remove Duplicate Contacts Manually on iPhone?

  • If you have only a few duplicate contacts on the iPhone, you can just delete them manually
  • How do you manually remove duplicate contacts on iPhone?
  • Open your Contacts list, then locate the duplicate contact.
  • Open one of the duplicates, then tap on the Edit button, which is situated in the top-right corner.
  • On the Edit screen, scroll down till you find the Delete Contact, then tap on it.
  • Tap on Delete Contact when the verification message pops up.

The duplicate contact is now removed. If you have more than one duplicate of the same contact keep deleting till the original is left.

How to Remove Duplicate Contacts on iPhone using an external app?

You can use the manual steps explained above works, however, if there are loads of duplicate contacts, that method could get taxing. Thankfully, you can use an app to get rid of duplicates from your iPhone contacts.

There are many apps in the App Store that get rid of duplicate contacts, few do a better job than others.

In this article I am using Cleaner Pro for this article, you can always choose a different app to go ahead with.

How To use Cleaner Pro to merge duplicate contacts on iPhone?

  • Launch the Cleaner Pro app, then accept the terms of service.
  • Allow Contacts Pro access to your contacts, this permission has to be granted to the app for it to work
  • You will be able to see the number of contacts that were imported to the app, tap on Next.
  • Contacts Pro will display the contacts that are missing names, numbers, emails, or even group identifiers. You can go through each one, then clean them.
  • Under the Duplicates section, tap on Duplicate Contacts.
  • In the list under the Duplicates section, tap the contact you wish to merge. The merge option will combine the info from duplicate contacts into one, then delete the rest of the duplicates.
  • Tap on Merge situated at the bottom to merge contact info, then tap on delete duplicates on the following screen.
  • You will see a progress animation whilst the merge is underway. The time it takes varies based on the number of duplicates you are merging and deleting.
  • After the merging, as well as deletion, is complete, you will see that there is only one entry for the contact in your list.

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