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Sent as a Text message on iPhone, How to fix it?  

by Bippin

iMessage is an instant messaging service developed by Apple, which was launched back in 2011. iMessage functions exclusively on Apple platforms, the macOS, iOS, iPadOS, along with watchOS.  

Sent as a Text message on iPhone, How to fix it?  
Sent as a Text message on iPhone, How to fix it?  

The core features of iMessage are, that it is available on all supported platforms, including sending text messages, images, and videos, as well as documents; getting delivery along with read statuses (also known as read receipts). Has end-to-end encryption so only the sender and recipient, and no one else, including Apple itself – has the ability to read the messages. The iMessage service also allows sending location data as well as stickers. On iOS as well as iPadOS, third-party developers have the ability to extend iMessage capabilities with custom extensions, for example, the quick sharing of recently played songs.  

IMessage was Launched for iOS in 2011, however, it arrived on macOS (which was called OS X) in 2012. In 2020, Apple announced an entirely redesigned version of the macOS Messages app that adds a few of the features previously unavailable on the Mac, including location sharing as well as message effects.  

How is iMessage different from the regular message?  

They are both ways you can send texts or photos to your contacts, and you can send either of them using the Messages app on the iPhone. However, iMessages and text messages are not the same.  

Given below are the major differences between a text and an iMessage:  

iMessages are blue  

Let us get obvious out of the way. iMessages are indicated in blue bubbles on your iPhone while text messages appear in green ones. However, that only happens so that you are able to tell the difference between them. There is more going on beneath just the color coding of blue and green.  

iMessages use the Internet  

The main difference between iMessage and regular text messages is how the data is sent. Text messages use the cell connection, traveling from cell tower to cell tower. Whereas, whereas iMessages transfers data via the Internet. So, you require Wi-Fi or cellular data to be able to send an iMessage, or you could just use any cell reception to send a text message. iMessages are essentially free over Wi-Fi, however, you could use your data allowance otherwise. On the other hand, text messages come out of your cell contract allowance. Though the majority of contracts offer unlimited texts these days.  

iMessages are only for Apple users  

Sadly, iMessage is only compatible with Apple devices. This means that you cannot send an iMessage to any of your Android friends. On the flip side, you do not need to do anything differently if you are sending a message to someone without Apple products. You can just use the Messages app as you normally would and your iPhone will automatically send a text message instead. 

Why is my iMessage sent as a Text message?  

If you happen to be using the iMessage service, then the texts sent through it will always be encased in a blue chat bubble. If you notice that your iPhone chat is encased in a green text bubble, it is a simple text message and not an iMessage.  

iMessages runs on the Internet: iMessages are used to send photos, videos, as well as audio, and not just text messages. This data is sent via the internet. You require an active cellular or Wi-Fi to send iMessages.  

iOS only: Due to the iMessage feature being an iOS and Apple user only, you cannot send an iMessage to an Android user. So, if you do spot a green message option; it means that the other person might be an Android user.  

End-to-End encryption: Apple provides end-to-end encryption to private text messages. This means that no one would intercept or read the texts other than you or the recipient.  

Read Receipts: iMessages allow the users to see if their message has been delivered and read by the recipient. It also indicates when the other person is typing so you could wait for the text.   

Sync Messages: The recent iOS update allows the use of iMessages across different Apple devices. You could text one message from your iPhone, then reply from your iPad. iCloud allows you to switch devices in the middle of your conversation, without hassle.  

If your iMessage option is disabled, then the messages sent to the iPhone will begin to appear Green, and they will consume SMS charges from the local network. Say, iMessages is on and your text is sent to an Android or non-iOS user, then the messages will still appear encased in the green chat bubble.  

If iMessage says sent as a text message, does it mean you’re blocked? Yes, you could be potentially blocked if:  

  • iMessage turns from blue to green after some time.  
  • iMessage is undelivered.  
  • FaceTime as well as location sharing are also off. 

How to fix iMessage being sent as a Text message? 

You would have understood by now that any message sent to a non-Apple user will be sent as a text message, because the iMessage service is only available for Apple devices. However, if the iMessage could not be sent, or if the recipient does not have iMessage enabled, then your iPhone will automatically send it as a text message. 

Sometimes you have might have disabled iMessage too; you can turn it on by: 

Step 1: Open Settings. 

Step 2: Click on “Messages.” 

Step 3: Toggle on the iMessage button 

If you have the iMessage enabled and are not blocked, but messages are still delivered as a Text message, then to solve the issue you can:  

  • Restart the device:  
  • iPhone  
  • iPad  
  • iPod touch  
  • Check your network connection.  
  • Make sure that you entered the correct phone number or email address for the contact.  
  • Make sure that your device has enough space to receive images and videos.  

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