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It is almost rare to find someone having no Twitter account these days. It provides a platform for a wide audience from celebrities to every other common man to express their thoughts and opinions. It might look very confusing in the beginning but Twitter is very effective to stay up to date with everything that is going on around the world. The algorithm of Twitter is also complicated and one such aspect that we will be discussing further is the blocking option.

Twitter is a free-speech platform that allows you to block anyone that you wish to not encounter anymore on the platform. A lot of politicians or even celebrities always are the topic of gossip when they block someone or get blocked by someone on Twitter. Twitter also prevents one from following an account that blocks them.

You can’t see the tweets, replies or likes, and media of the person who has blocked you. It does not allow you to tag them as well. The interesting part is one doesn’t know whether they are being blocked or who has blocked them in the form of any usual notifications. So how do we know how many people blocked you on Twitter?

How many people blocked me on Twitter?
How many people blocked me on Twitter?

Ways to find how many people blocked me on Twitter

Conventional method

It is for sure trusted to work every time and works for everyone regardless. It takes a few steps to check whether you have been blocked or not.

  1. Open the Twitter app either on our mobile or even on the website.
  2. Search for the Twitter handle on the search bar of that person whose tweets have not been appearing on your feed.
  3. You will see that, in case you are blocked, the tweets, media, likes, descriptions, and other details of the person who has blocked you will not be shown. You’ll see the message that you’ve blocked and the option to follow their account would not be available.

This indeed is a very time taking way to find out whether you have been blocked or not pus it doesn’t give the information as to how many people have blocked you. But if you are sure that a specific person’s tweets aren’t visible anymore, this method is very reliable to confirm.

Blolook method

This is an effective way to find out how many accounts blocked you on Twitter with very easy steps.

  1. Open the website ‘blolook’ and log into your Twitter account
  2. You will be able to see all the accounts that have blocked you along with the mutually blocked accounts and the accounts that you have blocked.

Although twitter directly never mentions the accounts that blocked you, the above methods can be helpful in checking for accounts that have blocked you.

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