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Microsoft welcomes Apple iMessage to Windows 11

Microsoft welcomes Apple iMessage to Windows 11 HalfofThe
Microsoft welcomes Apple iMessage to Windows 11 HalfofThe

While everyone is busy discussing how Windows 11 now supports Android apps, Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella in his recent interview mentioned they are welcoming Apple to bring their services like iMessage to Windows. In his latest interview with Wall Street Journal, Satya Nadella discussed the possibilities of bringing iMessage to Windows 11.

In this interview, Satya mentioned, “Like other companies, Apple is also welcome to bring their services to Windows 11, including iMessage.” Satya Nadella also stated that they are trying to cut down the gap between Apple and Microsoft products by integrating their services in one another. With the launch of Windows 11, Microsoft is making sure that it is packed with all the latest features available with a new sleek design.

Will Apple move iMessage to windows?

On other hand Apple is very protective about where its services are available, iMessage is one of the major products that is not pushing it any other platforms apart from Apple. Some leaks also suggest that Apple knew that iMessage is a major service that is keeping people continue to use iPhones. During the epic and apple legal fight, some of the emails revealed that Apple has already considered bringing iMessage to Android but they also discussed what are the downsides of it.

Apple email about bringing iMessage to Android:

“It would simply serve to remove [an] obstacle to iPhone families giving their kids Android phones.”

Apple recently announced that their FaceTime service will be available on both Android and Windows, using a secured link that can be created and shared by Apple users. Aso with its latest M1 chips, Apple is bringing iOS apps to Macbooks. With these latest comments from Microsoft CEO, we are hoping the iMessage to all other platforms is so close yet so far. Fingers crossed.

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