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Now you can use Android apps on Windows 11 via Amazon

In a shocking announcement, Microsoft announced the all-new Windows 11 will be able to load Android apps and we will show you how to use them. Using mobile apps on desktops is slowly being spread into almost all operating systems including Mac. But, with the new announcement by Windows 11 support to Android apps this game is up.

Now you can use Android apps on Windows 11 via Amazon HalfofThe
Apps on Windows 11

It is not all easy to just install Android apps on Windows 11 too, you should install the Amazon app store using the windows store and then download the Android apps available in the Amazon store. Though this is a multi-layered process, it is a good sign for a better future. Windows confirms that users can pin the Android apps to the toolbar which will be a great addition to Windows.

Windows 11 is a Free upgrade.

Microsoft is making sure every app we need is there available on their platform either as a direct windows store app or as an Android app. in its demo, Microsoft showed off TikTok mobile app used in Windows 11, but if we follow through the rest of the event we can see apps like Uber, Twitter, yelp, etc are also part of this initial launch. Microsoft also promises to bring almost every app available and users will be able to access them either by Microsoft store or Amazon store.

Now you can use Android apps on Windows 11 via Amazon
Tiktok app demo at Windows 11 launch event

Although this is a direct reply to Apple’s M1 chip supporting both IOS and macOS apps, we do encourage this kind of competition, since it always benefits users. Microsoft did not mention any details about what devices will this new feature support, but we are hoping they would just add support to Windows 10 and 11 at least.

How to download Android apps on Windows 11:

Head over to the Windows Store, download the Amazon app store from it. Now, browse through the Amazon app store to find which app you want to download. Once downloaded, you can see the app available in the Windows Store in your apps list. You can also pin all the downloaded apps to the new centered start menu bar.

WINDOWS 11 Promo

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