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It’s never too late to hide email secure, as it is up to you to decide if others can access it or not, well there is a feature where you can hide your e-mail that is only available in iCloud+. Which will be activated once pay for updating your iCloud account to iCloud+, but make sure that the apple device that you are using has the newest apple iOS 15 software as this feature is only supported by the new software, hiding the email in iCloud+ is proved to be beneficial, if you have some sensitive e-mails that need protection then iCloud+ would be the best choice rather than hiding your e-mail in the archive.

How to hide emails on iCloud+
How to hide emails on iCloud+

What do we mean by hide emails?

When you are using your email address for an online transaction the possibility of the address being sold to other marketers is very high, hence you can use the hide you email feature which will generate a temporary email address, which can be used in situations like these, where you enter the temporary email and the message sent to that address will be automatically redirected to your primary email address.

How to sign in using the hide email feature?

Once you have subscribed for the iCloud+ then the feature will get activated.

  1. On the third-party website where you are signing in select the email box.
  2. On the top of your device keyboard, you will see the ‘hide my email’ that can be used.
  3. Choose it to go forward using that feature, if the generated email is not according to your liking then click on the refresh tool that is placed on the left side of the generated email. Use that email just as how you would use the normal one.

• How to hide the email on safari?

  1. Move the cursor to the email entry box and once the keyboard appears, above it the “hide my email” option will appear.
  2. A dialog box will appear with the temporary email.
  3. Use that email in the email entry box and select enter.

How to generate random emails on iCloud?

  1. Go to the settings option and click on your profile name.
  2. Select the iCloud option in the menu.
  3. Select a new address.
  4. Make sure that you note down the address and then, tap on use different address, label the address too.
  5. Choose the next option.
  6. Tap on done and the new address is ready to use.

How to generate the email on

  1. After entering the browser, log in to your account.
  2. Click on the account settings option.
  3. Scroll down and under the ‘hide my email‘ option select manage.
  4. Select the ‘+’ key.
  5. You will get a new email address and if you want a new one click on refresh.

Well, this is how you can use the hide my email option in iCloud+ which will help you to keep your browser data safe and will help you to prevent getting unwanted and bothersome ads.
If you are doing your work outside you can also use this feature as this will help you from intrusion.