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10 Free Email Address Search Tools for Reverse Email Lookup

by Deepika

First of all, let us address what a reverse email lookup is. Often, we find ourselves wanting to find who is behind a particular email address. It may be to find out whether a person mailing you isn’t a scammer or to check with an email address so you didn’t send a particular message to the wrong person. So, in order to check with all the above, you use a reverse email lookup tool to help you with the same. You can do this with those available for free in the market as we’ve listed below.

10 Free Email Address Search Tools for Reverse Email Lookup
10 Free Email Address Search Tools for Reverse Email Lookup

Free Email Address Search Tools for Reverse Email Lookup

1. SearchPeopleFree

A reverse email lookup that allows you to search people based on their email addresses and also lets you use filters that help get accurate matches. It searches for information from various sources like marriage records, public records and any other social media profiles. It shows the end result in a tabular format with all the necessary information. It is extremely accurate and it might not be available for free for a lifetime but definitely is worth spending money on and it is only found on the web.

2. RealPeopleSearch

This website allows you to search for an account with a simple entry of email address in the search box. It also shows multiple accounts that the user has, but not for certain email providers like outlook. It is a free service with cross-browser compatibility and lets you search for the social media accounts that user possess and the results are very quick and to use this, you must provide your email address and it might not work for certain email providers and this can be used on multiple devices.

3. Instant Checkmate

Many websites provide you with the user’s information but at times if you are looking for a mutual of this user for example their cousin or sister for marketing purposes, this website is really helpful. It uses the public records and people search directory that stores a lot of records and information about various people and businesses resulting in an efficient search. Membership is not required and this service is freely available for all.

4. PeopleFinders

This website targets social media platforms and helps one find out the social media accounts of a user even if at times the emails are not provided publicly for examples on sites like Tumblr or Tinder. It also provides information from sites like Facebook and LinkedIn. This website uses public databases and hence the results that are provided are very much accurate and also easy to use although it may not be available in all countries.

5. TruthFinder

This website provides information on the user’s identity as it uses a database that contains almost 150 million records consisting of detailed information as they usually do not ask for anything more than a name and email address from you, resulting in the pile up of such huge data. It gives some vital information like phone numbers, date of birth, etc. and is very easy to use.

6. FindPeopleFast

This website, unlike other websites uses information provided from the databases of the government and helps in finding information like licenses and permits of certain people. It is very easy to get access about someone and can help you get in contact with them faster and efficiently with someone you probably lost contact with. Since this uses the database of the government, the results are very accurate and also fast. It can be used to contact old customers or to use the same for any kind of marketing strategy. It is a free service provider.

7. CocoFinder

This website comes in handy if you do not know where the email address actually comes from as in the location of the email address. It has records of almost 300 email addresses from across the globe coming from public domains. It allows you to find an email address from any domain and is very genuine. It helps in finding any domain name by cross checking with all the contacts and also provides you with those domains that are deleted.

8. TruePeopleSearch

The main aim of the website is to reconnect missing people with their families irrespective of the time period and it is very much accurate in reporting all the criminal records and background checks. This website that has recently been found is easy to use and it works and provides information if the person has deactivated or deleted their email address even for a small period of time. It finds information irrespective of the IP address and with simple inputs from you for example their name or detectable phone numbers.

9. BeenVerified

This website provides wit all essential information in simple steps like providing their name and it is completely secure. It has records of over 1 billion email addresses. This website provides with information ranging from a person’s email address to their name and even their pictures. This website also provides with anonymity feature and is compatible with all devices.

10. Spokeo

This website somewhat works like google but has a wider social network and search engine. It can be helpful in finding past employers or friends you have lost contact of. This will let you know who is viewing your social media profile and finds out their background. This service is freely provided and easy to follow.

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