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How to block phone numbers in iOS 15? Easy steps

How to block phone numbers in iOS 15? Easy steps
How to block phone numbers in iOS 15? Easy steps

Unwanted phone calls are what we sadly have to face in our everyday lives, however, iPhone provides a few different options to block phone numbers or for silencing particularly persistent callers. This article will show you how to block/silence unwanted calls on iOS 15. 

Blocking a phone number can help save a lot of stress. After you block a number, you will not be alerted to any calls made from that blocked number. However, the callers will be allowed to leave a voicemail, though, you won’t get a notification about that voicemail. 

How to block phone numbers on your iPhone on iOS 15? 

  • Open the Phone app 
  • Find the number you wish to block 
  • Tap on the Info (i) icon next to the number 
  • Scroll down, then click on Block this Caller 
  • Tap on Block Contact 
  • You can follow the same steps for FaceTime app to block persistent FaceTime callers, too. 

Don’t worry, blocked numbers won’t receive a message that they have been blocked. This can help save face if you need to block someone you know in real life. 

If you find that you’re receiving too many phone calls from unknown callers in general, you have the ability to choose to silence all unknown numbers This is especially useful when you are receiving too many telemarketing calls. 

After you activate this feature, all incoming calls from unknown numbers will be silenced, they will be sent to your voicemail, however, the phone number will appear in your recent calls list. 

How can you silence unknown callers on iOS 15? 

  • Open Settings 
  • Click on Phone 
  • Scroll down, then tap on Silence Unknown Callers 
  • Toggle the Silence Unknown Callers to on 

Silencing unknown callers will silence any calls from any numbers which are not in your contact list this includes food delivery calls and calls from institutions. However, if you place an emergency call, Silence Unknown Callers will be disabled for 24 hours so that your iPhone can be reached. 

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