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With the release of the new Google Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro, the phone has made headlines in the

How to activate eSIM on Google Pixel 7?
How to activate eSIM on Google Pixel 7?

gadget world with the introduction of the first dual ESIM phone, keep in mind that this feature

will be activated in the coming updates of the Android 13 OS. The new feature of pixel 7 with

its already great perks of the phone, such as the tensor chip, and photo processing software,

the Pixel 7 and the Pixel 7 pro are considered to be big contenders in the race for the best

flagship phone.

For the time being the phone has the capability of being dual SIM with the addon slot for the

nano sim and the other being eSIM, making it to be one of the few phones that have eSIM

technology. And to activate the eSIM feature in the newest pixel, make sure that you have

activated the eSIM feature in settings. Once done, follow these steps:

How to activate eSIM on google pixel 7?

1. On your device, open the setting application in your new google pixel 7

2. Then choose the network and the internet

3. In the next step open the mobile network and tap’+’.

4. And once you have unlocked the sim feature you can.

5. Then tap download a SIM instead

6. Tap yes in the question bar when you confirm to execute the changes.

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