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A few details regarding the upcoming Google Pixel 7 as well as the Pixel 7 Pro 

Today we have received the first details of Google’s upcoming Google Pixel 7 as well as the Pixel 7 Pro phones. If the company sticks to its usual shenanigans, this will become official in October. Yet, we are in February speculating about some bits and pieces of the puzzle in our sight, priorities I say? 

A few details regarding the upcoming Google Pixel 7 as well as the Pixel 7 Pro
A few details regarding the upcoming Google Pixel 7 as well as the Pixel 7 Pro

As per a new report, the Pixel 7 duo will be using a second-gen Tensor chipset with a Samsung-made Exynos Modem 5300 for connectivity purposes. 

Google Pixel 7: Release date

It’s possible that the Pixel 7 won’t be released for a long time, if ever – Google doesn’t generally debut its smartphones until late autumn, and the Pixel 6 launched on October 19th last year.

If you’re hoping for an announcement sooner rather than later, though, you might be in luck: a new report from Jon Prosser of Front Page Tech claims that Google is planning to launch the Pixel 7 on August 3rd.

Prosser has a good track record when it comes to Google leaks, having accurately revealed the design of the Pixel 4 ahead of its launch, so there’s a chance this date could be correct. However, it’s worth taking with a pinch of salt for now – we’ve heard very little about the Pixel 7 so far, so an August release seems somewhat unlikely.

Google usually launches its new phones in October, so we’ll probably have to wait a while longer before we see the Pixel 7.

Previous Pixel Phones release dates

  • Pixel: 4th October 2016
  • Pixel 2: 4th October 2017
  • Pixel 3: 9th October 2018
  • Pixel 4: 15th October 2019
  • Pixel 5: 30th September 2020
  • Pixel 6: 19th October 2021

Price of Google Pixel 7

It’s yet another rumor about Google Pixel 7 pricing, which is one of the last details to leak about a phone. But going by Google’s track record, we can make an educated guess.

The Pixel 6 costs £599 in the United Kingdom, $599 in the United States, and $999 in Australia. The Pixel 6 Pro starts at £849 in the United Kingdom, $899 in the United States, and AU$1299. Google’s aggressive pricing strategy with the Pixel 5 range continued with the Pixel 6. With its positioning as a high-end device, there were concerns that Google would raise prices, but thankfully this did not occur.

Expected Features of Google Pixel 7

The codenames for the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro are reported to be Cheetah and Panther. This seems interesting because up until before the Pixel 6 generation Google was only using codenames related to fish or other sea life. Then the 6 and 6 pros were Oriole and Raven, the avian nomenclature continues with the yet-unannounced Pixel 6a which is supposedly codenamed Bluejay. Then as it seems we have switched to feline themes. 

So, it looks like Google is now changing its codename scheme for Pixels with each generation. Or we guess till it runs out of animals. That might take time, however. 

The last info that was out today has to do with a third Pixel codename Ravenclaw, assigned to the Exynos Modem 5300. It might just end up being a Hogwarts reference and nothing more, or things could turn out to be interesting. 

The Pixel 7 line has yet to be announced, but according to 9to5Google, the devices will include a second-generation Tensor processor (code-named GS201), which is likely. The chipset is also anticipated to come with an unreleased Samsung Exynos 5300 modem.

So, what would the second-generation Tensor SoC look like? We don’t know yet, but the original Tensor came with an octa-core CPU (two Cortex-X1, two Cortex-A76, four Cortex-A55), a Mali-G78 MP20 GPU, and Tensor machine learning silicon. If Google is going for a similar strategy in 2022, we could see an Armv9 CPU architecture (Cortex-X2, Cortex-A710, and A510), a Mali G710 GPU, and improved Tensor AI hardware.

Last year when the first Tensor was being developed Google tested it internally by replacing the Snapdragon 765 in some Pixel 5 units. The models have then codenamed Whitefin – a mashup including “white” from “Whitechapel” the Tensor project’s codename. Along with “fin” for “Redfin” the Pixel 5’s codename. 

Per speculation maybe the “Raven” in “Ravenclaw” refers to the Pixel 6 Pro, while the “claw” is just a feline reference f that’s the case this would be a Pixel 6 Pro device with Pixel 7 innards, made for testing purposes. 

There is plenty of time left before the Pixel 7 generation officially launches, also for things like these to be confirmed by further rumors as well as information. Or maybe not. 

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Update April 15th: Added release date and expected price point for Pixel.

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