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Google Pixel 5A Review: Price dominates

Google’s Pixel line of phones has been a topic of discussion for the last several years. The newest phone, Google Pixel 5A, is as impressive as previous models. Although Pixel fans are expecting more from it, we believe for the price point Pixel 5A will be a show-stealer.

Google Pixel 5A Review: Price dominates
Google Pixel 5A Review: Price dominates

The Google Pixel 5A is the company’s newest affordable phone, which features improved quality that you would expect from a more expensive phone. Cutting-edge, in-house designed SoC, upgraded camera specs, and a bold new look, all of these traits belong to the Pixel 6, not the 5A. Pixel 5A on the other hand is a way boring update by comparison.  The screen is a bit bigger this time, there’s an IP rating for water resistance, and the battery gets a boost, and that’s all there is to it.

What all are packed in a $449 price point?

The new Google Pixel 5a features an upgraded battery life and water resistance however it lacks many other features that Google fans hoped to see in this model. As much as people love the Google Pixel, we all know that Google is capable of doing better.

Google Pixel 5A offers Google one Backup
Google Pixel 5A offers Google one Backup

It comes with a bigger screen and an updated camera, but it lacks features such as wireless charging or gorilla glass protection which many other high-end phones use today. The fact still remains that this phone will be priced for less than $500 so google has managed to succeed in their goal of making cheaper prices on more innovative products just like they did with last year’s pixel models.

This year Google really focused on creating a revolutionary product while also keeping the price low enough for most people to afford one without breaking the bank. We’ve seen some complaints about how google went too far by downgrading certain aspects of this model when others are still asking for Google to step up on features like the camera.

Google Pixel 5A stands in a weird spot:

Pixel 5A is in a weird spot where they can not compete with high-end or low-end phones. All they have to focus on now is the mid-range, but pixels are always considered as above mid-range phones which leaves Pixel 5A in limbo.

The Pixel 4A and 4A 5G were really good midrange phones. Google manage to not mess with this winning formula, to keep the 5A at the top of its class. Could be said it’s even better as the 5A costs $449, nearly $50 less than the 4A 5G’s introductory price. 

What are the Pros and Cons of Google Pixel 5A?



  • IP67 water resistance rating 
  • Much improved battery life
  • The camera is still at the top of the class 
  • Limited availability
  • Lacks software-level C-band 5G support
  • Good but not class-leading support policy

The Pixel 5A is good, but it isn’t great to create a splash. Its security support policy is okay not great. It’s missing software-level support for C-band 5G frequencies that US carriers will probably start using in the next few years. It’s only being released in the US and Japan markets, and even in the US, it’s not being sold through major carriers.

In conclusion, all that can be said is that Google Pixel 5A is good, isn’t top class, isn’t the best, just plain good. To bet put in simple terms, Google 4A 5G wasn’t broken, so there was no need for Google to fix it. Pixel keeps the same processor, RAM, and cameras. However, Google did manage to address some weak points in its previous A-series models also managed to bring the price down. If you liked this article (or if it helped at all), please leave us a comment below or share it with friends, so they can also know about the new Pixel 5A. 

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