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How to turn off Google Assistant?
How to turn off Google Assistant?

How to turn off Google Assistant? The artificial intelligence-powered virtual assistant can be turned off at your will. Google Assistant can be a useful tool. It offers multiple features some of them include voice commands, voice search, and voice-activated device control. This gives you full control to complete a bunch of tasks by just saying “OK Google” and then proceeding with your questions.

However, in some instances it does activate without any command or having asked for it, that being a turn-off for many users. Does the always-on Google Assistant irritate you, despite being useful?

 Below is the process on How to turn off Google Assistant on Android phones.

  • On an Android phone or tablet, say Hey Google, open Assistant settings.
  • Then under All settings, tap on General.
  • Now turn the Google Assistant on or off accordingly.

Or you could follow

  • Open the Google app and then tap on more that appear as three dots in the bottom toolbar.
  • Now click Settings to open up a new menu.
  • Then tap on Google Assistant and head over to the Assistant section.
  • Under Assistant devices, select Phone.
  • Finally, after completing all the above steps you can now tap the button to turn off Google Assistant.

The process is simple and concise you could turn Google Assistant off using Assistant itself. Or you could be the good old manual method. Irrespective of which method is being used the work will get done.

If you wish to activate the Assistant again in the future you can do that as well, just follow the same steps and replace the “turning off” with “turning on”. It has to be kept in mind that the first process wouldn’t work as the Goggle assistant is turned off, use the second process for reactivation.

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