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Is Pixel 6 Google’s first true answer to iPhone?

Is Pixel 6 Google’s first true answer to iPhone? Video source: Google Pixel

Is Pixel 6 Google’s answer to its rivals? After all the years of Google’s pitching of the Pixel series as an iPhone alternative, though competition hasn’t unfolded in practice. Google has announced the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro on the 2nd of Aug, though it might be fitting to say it’s more of a preview or a tease. Google is releasing a new system-on-a-chip (SoC) which will be used in the next Google Pixels. They’ve named it after Tensor Processing Units, or TPUs for short because these chips are actually what power their data centers and help them handle billions of requests every day.

How will the Pixel 6 help Google? Pixel 6 might be the driving force that Google needs to become another household brand like its competitors the iPhone or Galaxy brands. Though there’s no guaranteeing it, it might be Google’s best chance to sway not only iPhone users but also Android fans who’ve fancied for a few of the iPhone’s advantages.

Hardware and Software might be coming together like a well-oiled machine

Be an Android or an iPhone user, one could just tell the lack of sync in Android devices, something just feels off. The Pixel Visual Core has helped with image processing on the new Pixels, such as deep learning and AI to process images faster. The newest camera features of Google’s latest phones are all thanks to a powerful chip called the Pixel Visual Core that was built by an independent company in California. The core is able to handle complex tasks like adjusting exposure levels or balancing colors, so you can take great photos without needing any additional apps. Pixel 4 implemented Google’s Soli radar tech for touch-free gestures and also managed to enable greater voice recognition.

Is Pixel 6 packed with all the confirmed leaks?

Tensor is an SoC, isn’t just a single processor. Though the licensed components and other details being relatively unknown. The two clear things that we’ll be getting are

  • A mobile TPU for AI operations
  • A fresh Titan M2 chip for security.
Is Pixel 6 Google's first true answer to iPhone?
Is Pixel 6 Google’s first true answer to iPhone?

The rest, CPU, GPU, and 5G modem, are all still somewhat a mystery. Google despite making efforts, the devices rarely went all-out to win spec or design wars. This could be attributed to their same base camera hardware usage or maybe the designs too. Occasionally these Pixels might represent better value for money than an iPhone or similar flagships, but they’ve never been the absolute flashiest devices you would want to put in your pocket.

The recent sneak peeks seem to show that Google Pixel 6 would not be rerunning these mistakes. One can expect a thoroughly up-to-date camera line-up with an improved main sensor and a long-overdue move to a triple camera array on the Pixel 6 Pro. The expectations of the 120Hz display on the higher-end model also add to its beauty.

The sales will also represent Flagship

How will the marketing campaign be? The iPhone’s triumph over the Pixel may be thanks to marketing, not technology, according to Android enthusiasts. That doesn’t seem to be of concern anymore as Google CFO Ruth Porat warned of a huge jump in marketing spending for its product launches later in 2021. Apple’s retail stores have played part in iPhone’s success by giving consumers an easy way to look out and try the device, Google’s one permanent retail store doesn’t seem to be helping much.

If Google really wants to make Pixel a success, it’ll have to market it as fervently and competitively as its competitors. It’s powerful enough for them – hopefully, that will translate into more popularity with consumers! If you liked this article (or if it helped at all), please leave us a comment below or share it with friends, so they can understand Pixel 6 too.

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