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What Is the Google Store? What can you buy there?

What Is the Google Store? What can you buy there?
What Is the Google Store? What can you buy there?

If you are searching for Google products, you might have stumbled upon the Google Store. This is the place where Google sells its products. The Google Store has an interesting history, it has humble beginnings if you could call it that.

The Google Store Started as a Tab

Google was first set up its “store” in the Android market. It existed solely on Android devices, it delivered Android apps along with games. Google slowly started adding different types of content to the Android Market, which changed the branding to “Google Play.”

The Google Play Store houses different types of digital goods, however, it was also where Google sold Nexus phones as well as tablets, Chromecast, along Chromebooks. All of this was listed under “Devices” on the Play Store.

Eventually, Google took an interest in making its hardware, which led to the creation of the Google Store.

The failure of Nexus Q led to the Chromecast in 2013, which proved to be a massive success. That was just the beginning of Google’s interest in developing its products.

What is available to Buy in the Google Store?

Google distributes digital goods in the Play Store, however, as mentioned earlier, its hardware is sold in Google Store. This includes Pixel phones, Chromebooks, Chromecast, Nest devices, etc.

Keep in mind that Google Store isn’t the only place available to buy Google hardware. Many of its products can be purchased at retailers. If you buy a Google product from Google itself, you’ll get better customer support as well as replacements.

Apple Store could be considered as an equivalent of the Google Store. As it is owned by the company which makes the products that are sold. Contrary to the Apple Store, the Google Store is just an online market. Although you may find specific Google sections or “pop-up shops” in stores, there is no specific physical Google Store as to speak.

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