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How to take a screenshot on Chromebook? Easy steps
How to take a screenshot on Chromebook? Easy steps

If you have a Chromebook, then it is easy to take screenshots on your device. This blog post will teach you How to take a screenshot on Chromebook. Screenshots are useful for a variety of reasons. Could be used to show a friend what your game screen looks like, or save a tweet that you suspect is going to be deleted in a few minutes. Most all the recent laptops all include ways to take screenshots, and yes that includes Chromebooks too.  The process might be a little different from that of Mac or PC, however, still simple to do.

Chromebooks might confuse new users from another platform, especially because their keyboards are somewhat different from those of Macs or Windows PCs. It’s quite simple, however, if you manage to know the basic key combinations for taking screenshots.

How to take a screenshot on Chromebook? Step-by-step guide

  • Press the buttons Shift + Ctrl + Show windows.
  • In the menu at the bottom, select the Screenshot icon.

    Select an option
  • To take a full-screen screenshot.
  • To take a partial screenshot.
  • To take a window screenshot.

You also have the option to take a screenshot with the menu at the bottom right

  • First select the time.
  • Then Select Screen capture.

Screenshots are automatically copied to your clipboard. After you are done take the screenshot you can view, edit, delete, and share the image or video. All screenshots that you have taken will probably end up in the Downloads Folder.  

How to find the Folder?

  • Select the Launcher at the left corner
  • Look for the icon under the name “Files” under the search field.
  • If you somehow don’t find it, select the up arrow and look for the “Files” app there.
  • The icon will bring up the file manager.
  • Look for the Downloads folder under the “My Files” category.

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