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How to make Google form? Step-by-step guide

How to make Google form? Step-by-step guide
How to make Google form? Step-by-step guide

There are a plethora of reasons to use Google forms, creating online surveys, quizzes, or questionnaires. So, knowing “How to make Google Form?” can be a great solution for many of your issues. Google Forms is a versatile tool available right now. If you are relatively new to Goggle Forms, this guide is here to help you out. How to create a form in Google Forms, how to share Google Forms, how to check Google Forms, you’ll find all the answers here.

How to make Google form?

  • Open
  • After the site loads, hover over the + icon to start creating a blank new form or to choose a template. To start from scratch, click on the Create new form option.
  • Start from the top, you will be able to add a title and description.
  • In the box below, you can add questions. To keep adding more, simply keep hitting the + icon from the toolbar.
  • Other settings are present in the floating toolbar, which help you can import questions from other forms, add a subtitle also a description, add a photo, add video and create a separate section in your form.

Note- At any given time you can always hit the Preview icon present at the top right next to Settings to preview how the form will look when it is finished.

How to design Google forms?

  • Click on the Customize Theme icon, right next to the Preview icon, which will open theme options.
  • You can then choose a preloaded image or a personal photo as a header.
  • You can choose to go with the theme color of the header image, or you can set it according to your liking.
  • You can choose from a total of four different font styles for your Form.

Note- The color of the background depends on the theme you select.

How to create a quiz on Google forms?

  • To transform your form into a quiz, Open Settings > hit the Quizzes tab > enable make this a quiz.
  • You can also choose, to let the respondents get the results immediately or reveal them later.
  • You are allowed to select what the respondent sees in the form of Missed questions, correct answers, and Point values.
  • Now, under every question, you need to assign the correct answer as well as points for it.
  • Open, hit Answer Key > tick the correct answer > assign points > add answer feedback if wanted > hit Save.

How do share responses on Google forms?

  • Hit the three dots icon in the top right and click on Add collaborators.
  • You can then add the emails of people you want to collaborate with, or you can just copy the link and share it.
  • Once you’re ready to share your form, hit Send to share the form via email, or you can even send it as a link. 

How to see responses?

  • Open the form you’d like to evaluate.
  • Go to the Responses tab. The first thing you do is to disable Accepting Responses so that the respondents won’t be able to answer anymore.
  • You open the Summary tab to look at the performance.
  • The question tab allows you to evaluate the responses by selecting each and every question.
  • The Individual tab allows you to evaluate the respondent’s individual performance.

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