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Windows 11 Preview: Download it for Testing, and Here’s What’s New

Microsoft announced Windows 11 just a few days ago, and now that the company has released Windows 11 Preview version, we can see what all the fuss is about. The new windows look great on tablets, but there are also some really cool features to take advantage of — so if you’re curious as to why your Windows 10 system isn’t working properly lately, this should help!

Windows 11 is been rebuilt from the ground up to be your partner in innovation. It starts, reimagined Windows, Windows apps, and windows security are all built for a new era of computing. Windows 11 was built with modern devices including adaptive hardware like PCs, tablets, phones, and Xbox in mind.

This post will explore what’s coming to Windows as part of the next big update: Windows 11 preview! We’ll go over features that everyone can try out right now–including that fancy new design we mentioned above. So without further ado,

Let’s take a look at some of the most notable updates available in this first Windows 11 Preview!

  1. Snapping windows is neat: this new Snap Layout feature allows you to arrange multiple open apps on-screen for multitasking.
  2. Windows 11 introduces three and four-finger gestures for better multitasking. A much-improved settings menu is available on the Windows 11 desktop might finally replace Control Panel.
  3. The design includes a sleek new Taskbar and an updated animation system.
  4. One of the most recent improvements to Windows 11 Beta includes a better virtual desktop and docking functionality. When you undock from your secondary monitor, your windows minimize on that external screen automatically. And when you connect back to a dock, it automatically resumes the same layout as before.
  5. The new start menu has a list of the apps you use most, and it also has a list of files Microsoft recommends.
  6. The Notification Center can be found in its own drawer under the Start Menu. There’s a simple Quick Settings menu located beneath the Action Center (Win + A).
  7. New dark and light themes are available. You can also choose a different theme for your computer. Depending on whether you’re in dark mode or light mode, the new Windows 11 may sound slightly different.

Microsoft’s new operating system is set to launch in late October. Windows 11 will be available as a free update for all users running Window’s current version, and it will roll out gradually over the following months. All pre-installed versions of windows on devices or machines sold by November 20th, 2020 must include Windows 11 – though Microsoft has not yet said what happens after that date if you’re still using an older machine with windows installed.

Each user can upgrade their computer up to five times before being required to purchase support from Microsoft directly; this change should make upgrading less expensive than ever before, even more so than previous upgrades like Windows XP -> Windows vista -> windows seven, which each require separate purchases past the original license cost.

Windows Insiders who are in the Dev Channel will be able to try out Windows 11 at your own risk. Bugs have been known to surface, and this channel can be harder on older PCs. Casual early adopters should wait until it arrives on the Beta Channel, where things are more stable.

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