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The best iPhone cases to buy now: Protect, grip, and style

The best iPhone cases to buy now: Protect, grip, and style
The best iPhone cases to buy now: Protect, grip, and style

It’s a tough world out there for an iPhone. With so many surfaces to come in contact with, and so many people handling it on a daily basis, your device is bound to get dirty. That’s why investing in the best iPhone cases you can find is crucial if you want to keep your iPhone looking as good as new.

In this article, we’ll be exploring some of the best cases currently available that meet all three requirements- protection, grip, and style!

Why using best iPhone cases is important?

iPhone cases are important because they protect our phones from dust and dirt getting inside the device. A good case also protects your screen against scratches, scuffs, and cracks since it is less likely to drop if it has a case on it! iPhone cases help you grip your iPhone more easily so that you can avoid dropping or damaging your, hmm, maybe iPhone 13 in the future. A great-looking iPhone case will make people think twice about not looking back at it again at your iPhone after seeing how nice it looks with its new protective cover!

Let us take a deep dive into the best iPhone case companies out there that you can rely on.

Spigen iPhone case

The best of All

The best iPhone cases to buy now: Protect, grip, and style
The best iPhone cases to buy now: Protect, grip, and style

Spigen is a company that started by creating iPhone cases for the iPhone. At the time, they were one of only two companies to release an aluminum case with raised edges around all four corners – making them perfect for drop protection and everyday grip ability.

Since then, Spigen has expanded its product line to include other styles of cases for different models of iPhones (including newer devices like the XS Max) as well as Samsung phones such as Galaxy S11e and Edge 11s. And while they are still focused on iPhone protection first and foremost, there’s no shortage in design variety from clear backs to metallic finishes or even pink marble designs!

Their mission: To create high-quality products that protect against daily damages and are easy to grip while still providing style.

Advantages of Spigen iPhone cases

  • A Spigen case has raised edges, which makes them perfect for drop protection and grip
  • They’ve got a ton of different styles with clear backs to metallic finishes or even pink marble designs!

Otterbox iPhone case

The toughest case out there

The best iPhone cases to buy now: Protect, grip, and style
The best iPhone cases to buy now: Protect, grip, and style

Otter box is a company that specializes in iPhone cases. Since 1989, they have been making protective iPhone cases to help people live a digital life without fear of damaging their devices.

It’s designed to protect your iPhone from drops and other accidents, while still giving you access to all ports without having to remove the whole thing. The raised edges help keep dirt away and make it easy to grip at any angle.

But what sets this one apart is that it includes an alpha glass screen protector – something most affordable cases don’t offer in their package deals. You’ll appreciate the anti-shatter technology that ensures if damage does happen, only tiny pieces of broken glass will be scattered on your device (and not over every surface). This means cleaning up after a small accident should take just a few seconds and not a lot of time.

Another plus to these cases is that the corners are reinforced with silicone for extra protection from damage or breakage in those high-impact areas. The price point may be higher than other cases, but you know that your iPhone will have all the protection it needs at any turn.

Why should I buy an Otter box?

Otter box has been making protective iPhone cases since 1989 – so they’re definitely experts on what works best! They’ve made sure to cover every possible need by including both a screen protector and corner reinforcement with their basic package deal (a feature most affordable options don’t offer). In addition, if something does happen, and you crack your glass, the anti-shatter technology ensures that only tiny pieces will break off and your iPhone’s screen is still usable.

Advantages of Otter box iPhone cases

  • Easy to grip design
  • Screen protector, available for purchase as an add-on (most affordable cases don’t offer this)
  • Anti-shatter technology ensures that if your iPhone does crack the glass, it will only break into tiny pieces and won’t cover every surface with shards. This makes cleanup quick and easy.
  • In general, the Otter box has all the advantages you’re looking for in an iPhone case especially at their price point! Protecting what matters most should never be difficult or expensive.

Kate Spade iPhone case

When the style is your only preference

The best iPhone cases to buy now: Protect, grip, and style
The best iPhone cases to buy now: Protect, grip, and style

The Kate Spade New York line of iPhone cases is a great option if you’re looking to add some style. Their collection features an assortment of different colors and styles, so there’s bound to be something that appeals to everyone. This includes the slim folio design in black with gold accents or the sleek, clear, and pink crystal designs. These are all priced at $40 or more, so make sure you are looking at the price tag before deciding which one you like.

Kate Spade cases are the best iPhone case in terms of style and features, but it’s also one of the pricier options available on Amazon (ranging from $40-70 minimum). The downside with Kate spade’s iPhone cases is that there are not many protective features or design elements included. This may be great for someone looking to add some style to their iPhone rather than worrying about everyday protection against dirt and scratches. But if you’re looking more at functional use, then these might not be your best option.

Kate spade iPhone case advantages

  • Protects your iPhone with style
  • Variety of designs and colors to choose from
  • Slim folio design in black or clear, sleek crystal case.
  • One-piece construction that attaches directly to your iPhone without any extra parts or material sticking out. This makes it easy to remove when necessary, as well as good protection against unintended drops.

One downside is the price for these cases are more expensive than other brands…at $40 each on average)

Casely phone case

A decent competitor

The best iPhone cases to buy now: Protect, grip, and style
The best iPhone cases to buy now: Protect, grip, and style

This phone case is a great choice for anyone who wants to add some style to their device. The gold rose gold and black borders are the perfect balance between bold and subtle while staying compatible with any color iPhone 11 model you might have. You’ll also get peace of mind knowing that Casely cases come with lifetime warranty coverage. Choose from this or one other stylish selection in their line-up by clicking here!

If you’re looking for something more neutral, then Skinny Dipper has your back (or should we say…screen). With its clear design and scratch-resistant coating on both sides, it’s easy enough to slide into a pocket or clutch bag without the worry of damaging either side. Plus, they offer free shipping to anywhere in the US.

Advantages of Casely iPhone cases

  • Lifetime warranty coverage
  • Comes in gold, black, and rose gold colors. Click here to see the collection!
  • Skinny Dipper offers a clear design with scratch-resistant coating on both sides. Plus, it’s easy enough to slide into your pocket or bag without a worry of damaging either side, plus they offer free shipping anywhere in the US! Advantages:
  • Clear design makes for an unobtrusive case that won’t obstruct your screen while touching it.
  • Scratch-resistant coating means you don’t have to worry about scuffs from everyday use.

The best iPhone cases should serve a few different purposes. First and foremost, it should protect your phone from scratches, scuffs, and dirt. But given the number of times most of us pick up our phones each day, it’s also important that your case is easy to grip at the same time as adding some style. At the very least, you want it not to hinder its aesthetics or make it cumbersome, too difficult for you to use regularly. It can be tricky assembling all these features into one design, but luckily there are many brands making new designs available on their store shelves every week.

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