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How to use Google Lens on iPhone
How to use Google Lens on iPhone

Google Lens is a new feature that can help you to identify what you’re looking at. It’s available on iPhone and Android phones. Using Google Lens on iPhone is simple and If you want to know how it works, keep reading!

Google Lens is an image recognition technology, specifically designed to bring up information corresponding to objects it identifies using visual analysis based on a neural network. To be more simple and precise, you’ll be able to scan and identify objects in real-time. Google lens is one of the coolest apps that you are not using currently. Why you may ask because it’s easy for android users as they can use Google lenses directly through the camera, we on the iPhone can’t, but I brought you two simple methods to use Lens.

Two Steps on How to use Google Lens on iPhone

On iOS, the Google lens feature is seamlessly integrated within the Google photos and Search app.

Google Photos

  1. First download the Google Photos app from the app store, launch it and sign in with your Google account.
  2. It’ll then ask your permission to access your photo library, agree to it if you’re comfortable, then select the backup settings you want Google to back up your photos. (If you don’t give the required permission, I must say it’s the end of the road for you)
  3. Once you are set up, all the existing photos and the new ones that you capture will show up in the photos library 
  4. To use the Google lens, open any photo and tap the Google lens icon in the bottom toolbar, then tap on the area of the image you want to focus on. 

As soon as it’s done analyzing the image Google lens will bring up info about the object and some suggestions too

Google Search

  1. First, download the Google Search app from the app store and set it up (i.e. signing in with your Google account, settings, and permissions).
  2. After setting up is done, you will notice the Google lens icon on the search bar, tap on it and give lens access to your phone’s camera.  

Once you give the permission, the rest is pretty much the same as the above method. The best part about using a lens through a search app is that you don’t have to take a picture, works in real-time, and delivers better results than the photos app.

To use Google Lens on an iPhone, customers need to download the Google app and/or the Google Photos app. They’re accessible in the App Store for free. Now that we have given you two ways to use Google Lens, which one are you going to choose, tell us in the comments. I personally prefer the Google Search app as it doesn’t populate my gallery. If you liked this article (or if it helped at all), please leave us a comment below or share it with friends, so they can use it too.

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