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Google Drive for Desktop: MacBook | Windows HalfofThe
Google Drive for Desktop: MacBook | Windows HalfofThe

Google Drive for Desktop was announced by Google as a means to be more convenient. The forthcoming Google Drive is supposedly going to change how the sync tools are used. One might be familiar with the Backup and Sync tool and also be familiar with the Google Drive File Stream tool. To polish the users’ experiences, Google is integrating both of these into the Google Drive for Desktop Sync tool.

Google Drive for Desktop: What is it about? 

As Google is planning to unify the sync clients and bring the best and the most used features from Google Drive, File Stream tool and Backup and Sync tool. One of the best features for the users of the Drive File Stream tool is that they will be able to use it with their accounts and will be able to back up data, even by using USB.

 This would create a robust blend sync client for anyone, from business use or personal purpose, and will

  1. Make it effortless for admins and IT teams to manage deployments 
  2. Reduce the dilemma of users about which app to use
  3. Provide better results and performance for end-users

Though users can continue using Backup and Sync tools for the moment, the beta of the new client will help organisations to get a glimpse of how the new client would work. Later in 2021 approximately around October 1 the Google Backup and Sync tool will stop working, as Google Drive will be updated.

 Benefits of new Google Drive for desktop:

The prior Sync tools had offered different functionality and saved files in different locations. One of the main purposes of this new amalgamation is that we as the users could get utmost performance.

Google’s announcement of the forthcoming release of their new desktop sync tool is a big deal. The Backup and Sync Tool will be discontinued, but not without some replacement functionality in its place. With this change coming to Desktop for both Mac and Windows users, there are going to be more updates on what we can expect from the next iteration of Google Drive! How do you feel about these changes? Do you think that they are making your life easier or harder? Let us know by responding below with your thoughts!

Backup and Sync vs Google Drive Desktop application features comparison

Google Drive for Desktop: MacBook | Windows
Google Drive for Desktop: MacBook | Windows

If you want to try out Drive yourself, then check this out here.

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