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How to set up a Google account for a child? Easy guide

How to set up a Google account for a child? Easy guide
How to set up a Google account for a child? Easy guide

After you set up a Google account it provides access to services, like YouTube, Google Drive, Gmail, Calendar, Chrome among others. Though this freedom is great for adults, you are right to worry that children who are wanting to use the same apps should have higher levels of privacy as well as protection. Thankfully, Google grants parents as well as guardians to create child accounts. This article will show you how to set one up in just a few minutes using the Family Link app and Android/devices with Chrome OS.

How can you set up a Google account for children with Family Link?

Family Link by Google allows parents/guardians to set up accounts for children, to manage their online activity by setting limits for the kind of content they can access, parents also have the ability to manage how long a device can be used each day. The app is free, it can be downloaded from Google’s Play Store.

Launch the app, go through the pages until Does your child has a Google Account? appears. Click on No, then follow the instructions to create a new account for your child.

If you want to use the Family Link features, install the free Google Family Link for children & teenagers app on your child’s device. Then run through the setup process on your one. It’s quite straightforward, however, the process will take about 10-15 minutes to complete.

How can you set up a Google child’s account on a new Android device?

If your child falls in the range of 13 – 15 years old, Google recommends setting up their account on a new Android device. If you’ve yet to buy one, we recommend perusing the best kids tablets as well as best budget phones.

Make sure that the device is wiped clean, then turn on the device, then follow the onscreen instructions for setting up. When you’re asked to sign in with your Google account, click on Create a new account or see if there’s a More options button, then click on that instead. Enter your child’s details for the account. You can log in with your account afterward, then agree to the parental consent options.

How to set up a Google account for a child on a Chromebook?

It’s a similar method on Chromebooks like Android devices. Start with a fresh system, the one that’s had the Powerwash feature run is preferable. Then turn it on, work through the initial setup until you’re required to log into your Google account.

Look for either create a new account or More options, after you find them enter your child’s account details. You’ll then want to log in as yourself to complete the parental permissions requirements.
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