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How to share Outlook calendar? A quick guide

How to share Outlook calendar? A quick guide
How to share Outlook calendar? A quick guide

Do you have few events planned, but are not keen on sending a slew of messages regarding it? Well, you could just share Outlook Calendar. Sharing your Outlook calendar with co-workers always makes coordinating meetings a touch easier. Workplaces utilize Microsoft Outlook for communication, collaboration as well as productivity. A key feature is that the ability to share your calendar with co-workers.

Which proves to be far easier than trying to plan through cluttered text messages. Sharing your Outlook calendar is easy, and we’ll show you how to do it.

Here’s How you share Outlook calendar on a laptop or desktop

  • Log in to Microsoft Outlook.
  • Click on the calendar icon.
  • Click Share within the upper-right corner of your screen.
  • Enter the person’s name or email address within the text field.
  • Set the permissions for a way you would like the person to use your calendar. You can also let others view your calendar when you’re busy, view all details, edit, delegate. If you select Can View When I’m Busy, you will only see blocked sections of your time labeled “Busy.”
  • Select Share once your preferences are selected, or click the ashcan icon if you’ve changed your mind.

How to open a Shared Calendar?

  • Open the email that contains the shared calendar, then select Accept.
  • Select Calendar > Shared Calendars to view.
  • Choose a calendar to open.
  • Select View in Overlay Mode, this will layer the calendar over yours.

Whoever you share your calendar with will get a call for participation to which they can simply accept or decline by clicking on Add This Calendar. The recipient can then click View Calendar within the email. Click on the calendar icon and see who has shared their schedule with you under People’s Calendars.

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