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Why Should you consider signing in to services via Google, Facebook, or Apple?

Why Should you consider signing in to services via Google, Facebook, or Apple?
Why Should you consider signing in to services via Google, Facebook, or Apple?

Are you creating user accounts everywhere? You should stop and consider signing in to services via your Google, Facebook, or Apple account. It might provide more security if you’re currently not using a password manager.

One Strong Password no reuse

There’s a good chance you’re reusing passwords or creating simple passwords which might be easier to remember. If a website is breached, and password’s leaked, an attacker could use that email as well as password combinations to access your accounts. We do suggest using a password manager. You can create strong, unique passwords for each service you use, you can store them in your password manager.

If you sign in with Google, Facebook, or Apple, you have to remember the one password for your main account.

Physical Security Keys along with Other Two-Factor Tricks

You have many options for locking your Google, Facebook, and Apple accounts. For example, a code-generator app, app-based authentication, also and SMS-based authentication. If you sign in to other services with a Google or Facebook account, the two-factor authentication method secures that other account too. When you Sign in With Apple, then sign in on another device, you’ll be prompted to enter a verification code sent to your trusted Apple device.


Some of you might wonder if you want Facebook or Google to know about every site you have an account in? Though Facebook and Google do perform some tracks, there’s a good chance they have an idea of the apps and services you use. The services you’re signing in to can’t see all the information in your Facebook/Google accounts.

Though the app gets access to your email address, however, you’d have to provide an email address if you were signing up for a separate account anyway. Sign in With Apple lets you hide your email address, as it automatically generates a unique, random email address.

In conclusion, signing in with Google, Facebook, or Apple, is more like a User-Friendly Password Manager. If you liked this article (or if it helped at all), leave a comment below or share it with friends, so they can also know Why You Should Sign in with Google, Facebook, or Apple?

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