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How to Download Files in Chrome on Android? Easy Steps

How to Download Files in Chrome on Android? Easy Steps
How to Download Files in Chrome on Android? Easy Steps

Did you know you can download files in Chrome, so you may extract any image you like and save the file in Chrome? This functionality is more flexible in Android, which means that simply by using your Android-powered mobile, you may download files more quickly.

So, how can you download files in Google Chrome on an Android device? We’ll provide you with the answer and walk you through the steps for downloading material in the Google Chrome browser.

How to download the images in Chrome on Android?

So, you’ve been to a website with Chrome and are now reading its material. An image catches your attention, and if you’re considering purchasing it, all you have to do is:

  • Long press on that image and wait until a pop-up appears.
  • The pop-up consists of different options, in which you need to select “download image”.
  • The download progression will appear at the bottom of your screen, and once done click on the open option that will be highlighted in blue to access that image.
  • If the download’s progress isn’t apparent, go to the Chrome menu and choose “customize and control chrome.” The option will look like three dots in the upper right corner of your screen next to the close button.
  • And once the dropdown box appears select the downloads option.
  • After you’ve downloaded it, you can see all the downloads that you’ve made, as well as the progress of the picture that you’re presently downloading. You can also see where that photo is being sent.
  • After downloading is done you can access the image without using any internet.

How to download files in chrome Android?

  • If the file you’re downloading is big, it may take some time to complete. You can see how far along the download has progressed, as well as an estimate of when it will be completed.
  • To learn more about the download, go to the downloads page, which will be accessible in the “customize and control Google Chrome” menu.
  • When you’ve finished downloading, open the file manager on your computer and look for it under “Downloads.”
  • When you’ve finished your download, double-click the .zip file to unarchive it.

This is how you can get pictures or files from Google Chrome on an Android-powered device, but be careful of any malware links that might infect your computer and slow it down. Only obtain items or images from secure or reputable websites that you believe wouldn’t do such things.

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