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How to delete search history and cookies in the Safari browser? Easy Guide

How to delete search history and cookies in the Safari browser? Easy Guide
How to delete search history and cookies in the Safari browser? Easy Guide

Perhaps you’ve considered erasing your browser history and cookies from your Safari browser, but we’ve created a step-by-step tutorial to show you how to remove your browser history and cookies as well as how to disable them.

Safari is a safer and easier-to-use browser provided by the iOS system that allows users to surf the internet more quickly. iPhone users make up 46 percent of all mobile phone subscribers in the United States. It’s not difficult to erase your history when compared with conventional Chrome, but it is different. Here’s how to remove your browser history in steps:

To delete your Safari browser history and your cookies:

You can remove your browser history by going to Settings Safari and selecting Clear History and Website Data.

  • The data in the autofill option will not be erased when browsing history is cleared.
  • Cookies may be deleted using the browser’s preferences.
  • To erase all website data, go to Settings > Safari > Advanced Website Data and choose to Remove All Website Data.
  • A cookie is a piece of information that a website places on your device so that it can identify you when you return.
  • To prevent cookies from being stored on your device, go to settings>Safari and turn off the Block all cookies option.
  • Cookies may cause problems for you if you delete them from your device.
  • Cookies may be turned off on a number of websites. Some web pages might just stop responding to your login credentials, and you may receive a notice that the browser’s cookies have been disabled.

The Safari browser is a great alternative to the Chrome browser. It offers many of the same features as Chrome but with added privacy settings. One feature that sets it apart from other browsers is its built-in private browsing, which allows you to browse without saving your history or cookies for later use. This makes it possible to delete your search history and cookies more quickly than through the normal means on other browsers.

Privacy is an important aspect of a person’s life, therefore it must never be compromised in order for others to see what part of their hobbies they choose to share.

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