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How to save money on storage

5 Best Storage Alternatives to Google Photos HalfofThe
5 Best Storage Alternatives to Google Photos HalfofThe

From June 1st Google had discontinued their free unlimited storage service offered, a move thought to encourage their users to subscribe to their pain Google One Storage Service(Click here to learn more). As google photos are the go-to media storage app for most people, this move is certainly not a welcome one. But we are here to give to some alternatives to enjoy uploading your photos/videos free of charge. Here we go…

Microsoft One Drive

The One Drive is a great alternative to Google Photos. You get 5 GB Storage for free, 140 INR or 2 USD for their 150 GB Plan. But their plans are more useful with the Microsoft 360 Suite, which starts at 499 INR or 6.8 USD per month. You get 1000 GB storage, access to the office 360 suites. You can find more about their pricing and subscribing plan at this link. Please remember to log in to your Microsoft account about proceeding, and if you do not have an account, you can create one at the link provided within 2 minutes.

Storage Plan Cost

5 GB – Free

100 GB – 140 INR or 2 USD

Apple Photos(ICloud)

If you own an iPhone, you should take advantage of apple’s iCloud( you probably already know that lol). iCloud is one of the best, if not the best alternative to google photos. It offers seamless UI to its users and akin to google photos, has great AI Tools to help you free up your storage. You can find more about the plan, pricing at this link.

Storage Plan Cost

5 GB – Free

50 GB – 75 INR or 0.99 USD

200 GB – 219 INR or 2.99 USD

2 TB – 749 INR or 9.99 USD

Amazon Photos

Although relatively new to the storage market, amazon photo is a decent alternative to Google Photos. If you are a Prime subscriber, you would get up to 5 GB of storage free. You can find more about the plan, pricing at this link

Storage Plan Cost

5 GB – Free if you are a Prime subscriber

100 GB – 19.99 USD per year or 1.66 USD per month


Unlike the other options mentioned, Flickr is a dedicated image/video hosting service. Their plan(Flikr pro) offers unlimited storage at a much less rate than the likes of Google and Amazon, for 71.88 USD a year. On top of offering unlimited storage, their service also allows you to upload pictures at full resolution, while Google only allows up to 12 MP. You can find more about the plan, pricing at this link.

Storage Plan Cost 

Unlimited Storage – 71.88 USD


Dropbox is another great alternative to google photos. Their free/basic plan offers up to 2 GB of free storage but this version will not include their full range of tools like smart sync, full-text search etc. Their paid plans start at 9.99 USD per month and extend up to 16.99 USD per Month(for the family plan). You can find more about the plan, pricing at this link.

Storage Plan Cost

Basic/2 GB Storage – Free

Personal/2000 GB Storage up to 1 user- 9.99 USD/Month

Family/2000 Gb Storage up to 6 users – 16.99 USD/Month

These are some of the best alternatives to google photos. While paying for these services is advisable to unlock the full range of tools on offer. You can combine all these services to store your media for free. 

Here’s How

You would get 20 GB free from Google Photos,5 GB from Microsoft One Drive,5 GB from Amazon Photos(if you are a Prime subscriber) and 2 GB from Dropbox. All in all, you get 32 GB in free storage from these 4 Applications. 32 GB is a lot of storage for uploading photos/videos.


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