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How to Transfer Large Files with WeTransfer?

How to Transfer Large Files with WeTransfer?
How to Transfer Large Files with WeTransfer?

WeTransfer is a service that allows you to transfer large files, such as videos or pictures, to your friends and family. You might’ve tried to send a friend a file that’s too big for email, and sharing it through a service like Dropbox or Google Drive isn’t an option? Though there are plenty of file-sharing services out there, WeTransfer is fast and concise. 

Why transfer large Files with WeTransfer?

It uses a Flash interface; it couldn’t be any easier to use. It lets you send a file or multiple files up to 2 GB for free. It also provides its users with a premium version called WeTransfer Channels for $120 / year, with nearly the same functionality, but with added perks files are stored for four weeks instead of just two. The premium version provides you with a custom URL along with custom wallpapers for your site. The free version is way more than enough for individual purposes.

How to get started with WeTransfer?

Sign up for WeTransfer

The best thing being no signup is required to use the free service, just navigate to the WeTransfer page, type in the email address of the person you want to send the file to, your email address, and if you want you can add a message, which is totally optional. You have the ability to send a link to the file to up to 20 addresses. This service also remembers previously used addresses and suggests them.

  • Click the + button to select the files you have to send. You can select more than one file by holding down the Ctrl key, that’ll let you select as many files you want up to the 2 GB limit.
  • The page will show you how much space you have left, and after you are ready, click Transfer. 
How to Transfer Large Files with WeTransfer? HalfofThe
WeTransfer Transfer large files plans and pricing details. Image source: WeTransfer

After a while, you’ll see progress being made on your screen as files are uploaded. The speed is great too! It depends on how busy the server and Internet service providers’ upload speeds may be when uploading to determine which one gets done first.

After it’s done, you’ll receive an email that includes all of your transfer’s details, it’ll also include a short link that you can share with friends. You’ll get a confirmation email when the files are downloaded.

On the recipient’s end, they get a link to the file, all they need to do is click it to start the transfer. They also don’t require any sort of login or create an account, which makes the transfer process even easier and hassle-free.

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