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How to Wirelessly Transfer Files from Windows to Android?
How to Wirelessly Transfer Files from Windows to Android?

If you want to wirelessly transfer files from Windows to Android, there are a number of ways that you can do this. Wireless transfer is one of the most popular ways to send files without using wires. It’s more convenient than email, and you don’t have to worry about attachments getting too large or whether they’ll get lost in cyberspace.

But not all wireless transfers are created equal- some require installing additional software on both devices, while others can be done with just a few clicks. Unlike laptops or computers, phones are very portable. With the storage on phones increasing, a lot of people would prefer to have important files on their phones as it is very accessible. So how do we transfer files from Windows to Android wirelessly? Let’s have a look.

Wirelessly Transfer Files from Windows to Android via Bluetooth

Switch on the Bluetooth button from the settings and connect it with your mobile phone. Pair both devices. On your PC, there will be an option to send or receive files via Bluetooth.

You can send or receive files through this option. Select the required files and then send them. On your phone, you have to accept/give permission to receive the files.

Wirelessly Transfer Files from Windows to Android Via Cloud Storage

This option is much simpler but very time taking, this process can also cost money but is well worth it. So for the cloud storage one just needs to upload files to Google Drive or Dropbox or any other cloud service that allows for such a transfer. Then all you need to do is download the application on your mobile phone and download the required files. The problem is that if you have a lot of files, you have to download all of them one by one. Moreover, the storage is quite low unless you avail of premium services (increase storage). These storages are also quite expensive. So as easy as this step is, one needs to be aware of the drawbacks it has and should be cautionary when using it.

Mega.NZ has extremely high storage and is quite applicable for those who have a lot of files to be sent.

It is advisable to have filed both on PC and Android to not lose them. Another advantage of having files on cloud storage is a great backup. In fact, a lot of firms do have their files on cloud storage which helps their backup in the event of a data leak/crash. So that is how to transfer files from windows to android.

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