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Android users can now enjoy IMDB TV App

Android users can now enjoy IMDB TV App
Android users can now enjoy IMDB TV App

We all know that Amazon’s free streaming service IMDB provides access to watch movies and TV shows for free. To make the app more efficient and user-friendly IMDb TV’s Mobile App has been introduced on Tuesday in the U.S. and is now available for free in Google Play Store for all Android users.

What is IMDB TV App?

IMDB TV app is a free service widely used by all people both nationally and internationally. IMDB Mobile App is a standalone streaming app designed for the best streaming experience in Mobile and TV content is quite good if you don’t mind ads as there are millions of interesting stuff like Action, Sci-fi, Comedy, Drama, Documentaries, etc. 

This app is currently available on Amazon Fire TV and as a free channel within the Prime Video app across hundreds of devices. Amazon assures us there are few ads as we cannot skip the ads because we are watching it for free and there is no pricing. IMDb TV features all upcoming Amazons originals which are now you can watch on Mobile. IMDb originally launched in January 2019 as an “IMDb Free dive”, but later it was rebranded to an “IMDb TV App”. All the programming related to this App has been served inside Amazon’s app including the recent Standalone release for Mobile App. This app look is styled after its Android TV counterpart, which arrived at the platform earlier this year. 

Live streaming is a bit lacking, but there is a good collection of movies and TV shows for streaming right now. Wolf of Wall Street and Boys are claimed to be the most popular movies which you can now watch on IMDb Mobile App. The libraries are updated constantly, so you can watch all new movies and TV shows immediately after the release as no paid subscription is required, and you can watch for free.

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