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Samsung Foldable laptops will be the talk of the tech soon. Image source: Samsung
Samsung Foldable laptops will be the talk of the tech soon. Image source: Samsung

Samsung might be bringing its foldable display tech to Samsung foldable laptops. The company’s latest patent reveals plans for a dual-screen device that can be used as both laptop and tablet, according to Patently Mobile. It is not clear if this would represent the first time Samsung has brought its foldable displays outside of smartphones or tablets, but it does seem like an ambitious project since the screens need to work well with each other in order to hold up when folded.

In addition, there are questions about how easy it will be for users to interact with the interface on two screens at once. However, one benefit could come from being able to use one screen as a keyboard while another becomes a larger canvas for drawing or writing notes.

Samsung doesn’t seem to be satisfied with just foldable phones? As Samsung’s foldable display tech becomes a little more reliable, it’s natural that the company will come up with a wide range of foldable devices, including a currently rumored Galaxy Book foldable laptop.

Where did the Samsung foldable laptops rumor start from?

There is news floating around on a laptop with a foldable display. Ice universe, a celebrity did share a picture of the rumored “Galaxy Book Fold 17” logo on Twitter. The logo appears to have been ripped from the company’s website, however, Ice Universe did not share the exact source. There is also a video uploaded by Samsung display on YouTube, which provides a little sneak peek at what’s to come.

Samsung OLED Promo

Generally, a leaked image of any product logo would not mean much, even if it’s from an experienced and renowned leaker. Nevertheless, Samsung did show a few imaginative foldable in an advertisement that aired on May 18, 2021, the showcase also featured a future product, a 17-inch laptop with a large foldable display in lieu of the usual screen + keyboard configuration. 

There could however be a small chance that the concept laptop from this showcase, which starts as a tablet and integrates into the laptop form factor could materialize into a legitimate product. As we have learned from previous experiences that fancy novelties make laptops worse, especially when they don’t sport built-in keyboards. There is also a possibility that the Galaxy Book Fold 17 is more of an Android tablet rather than a full-fledged laptop? Or maybe we are just speculating unnecessarily? 

No matter what the case is, in the meantime, we’re stuck with laptops like the ASUS ZenBook Duo. If you liked this article (or if it helped at all), leave a comment below or share it with friends, so they can also know about the Samsung Galaxy Book Fold 17. 

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