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How to Change Your Password on Mac? Easy steps

How to Change Your Password on Mac?
How to Change Your Password on Mac?

Let’s talk about how to change your password on Mac. It can be a little confusing, but it is not too difficult. When you are setting the Mac up for the very first time, you’ll be asked to create an account accompanied by a password. The username and password combination you created is required every time to log into your laptop/desktop computer

You can change your online and computer passwords regularly to protect your information. When you don’t change passwords, it’s more likely someone will figure it out and use it for appalling purposes. Hackers, who break into computers remotely to steal personal data, love it when your passwords aren’t changed because it makes their job much easier. 

The login password is what you are required to enter to unlock the Mac when you turn it on or wake it from sleep. It is not your Apple ID password, which provides access to iTunes Store, App Store, Apple Books, iCloud, or other Apple services.

Change your password on Mac: Step-by-step guide

  • The process is simple and concise all you need to do is follow the steps below- 
  • Navigate to Apple menu > System Preferences, then select Users & Groups.
  • Select Change Password.
  • Enter your current password into the field that says Old Password.
  • Enter your new password in the field that says New Password, then enter it again in the field that says Verify.
  • To get help in choosing a secure password, click the Key button next to the field that says New Password.
  • Enter a hint that’ll help you remember the password.
  • The hint will appear if you enter the wrong password three consecutive times, 
  • OR if you click the question mark in the field that says password.
  • Select Change Password
  • Enter your desired password
  • Save your changes and make sure you remember your new password.

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