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Yet another T-Mobile data breach in 2021

Yet another T-Mobile data breach in 2021
Yet another T-Mobile data breach in 2021

T-Mobile investigates claims of a giant customer data breach

T-Mobile is wrestling with yet one more reported data breach. T-Mobile has revealed that it is investigating a post from an underground forum that claimed to be selling millions of personal data. The seller stated that they have lost access to the servers, which could only mean that the T-Mobile data breach was found out. The company seems to have kicked the hackers out of their servers, but the seller has confirmed that they already downloaded the data on their end and have a secured backup. 

What was done with the stolen data during the T-Mobile data breach?

On the underground forum, people can buy the data for six bitcoin, which cost around $270,000. The data contains 30 million social security numbers and driver licenses of T-Mobile customers. The seller did reveal that they were privately selling the stolen data on the dark web. The seller had stated that the hackers managed to compromise several T-Mobile servers to obtain the data. As per recent reports, T-Mobile seems to have regained control over the hacked servers. 

Did T-Mobile have previous breaches too?

This is not the first time that the mobile company had to encounter hackers. In 2015, 15 million T-Mobile customers got exposed to hackers after a credit card company got breached. In January, 200,000 T-Mobile customers got affected by yet another data breach. Same in February, 400 T-Mobile customers were once again victims to hackers. The hackers managed to penetrate the company’s systems and take over few customer accounts. The mobile company did immediately inform the affected customers of the situation.

SIM-swapped or “Ported” numbers might be used as leverage by hackers to hack into accounts to steal any type of cryptocurrency. Many things can be done with a stolen phone number and all of the information they get from compromised accounts. Only thefts only require the victim’s name, date of birth, street address, and Social Security number to fully steal their identity. We hope that the company would tighten its defenses a little more for the sake of its users in order to avoid further T-Mobile data breaches. 

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