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Kaseya Ransomware attack: Details of a massive cyberattack

Kaseya Ransomware attack: Details of a massive cyberattack HalfofThe
Kaseya Ransomware attack: Details of a massive cyberattack HalfofThe

On 2nd July 2021 around 200 U.S company networks got paralyzed by the ransom attack, the Kaseya Ransomware attack is the biggest cyber-attack of all time, according to investigators at cybersecurity who are dealing with this mass cybercrime.

For now, we are not clear about the details, the experts have to reveal how the hackers got into their systems and how many companies have been attacked. The Russian company named REvil or Sodinokibi (Ransomware Evil) is a private network security company that operates ransomware-as-a-software(Raas). John Hammond from a security firm Huntress Labs said REvil might be the reason behind this massive cyber-attack. Experts agreed with Hammond’s convincing results. He said the hackers’ main target is to attack a software provider called Kaseya, they used its bugs as a weak point to outspread ransomware through the cloud. 

Hammond Tweeted  “Kaseya handles large enterprise to small businesses globally, so ultimately, (this) has the potential to spread to any size or scale business,” and also stated, “This is a colossal and devastating supply chain attack.” Ransom exploited a Man Service Provider software, Kaseya, A tech-news website reported as ” a cloud-based MSP platform that allows providers to perform patch management and client monitoring for their customers.”

On 2nd July Kaseya stated, “currently estimated at fewer than 40 worldwide”. This attack affected not only its customers, Huntress Labs cybersecurity stated at NBC News more than 200 companies got affected by this attack. Kaseya is planning to remove its software from its clients, now it is currently analyzing the loss and trying to do some more modifications to strengthen its security systems.

But, it will take some time for Kaseya to make modifications and recover lost data. This made the people in the U.S, focus more on this incident instead of enjoying the independence of the U.S.A on 4th July.

USA government response about Kaseya Ransomware attack:

Update: The United States of America urged all the companies attacked by the ransomware to report to the Internet Crime Complaint Center. The United States Government is reviewing the Kaseya ransomware incident. The Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency have been working with Kaseya, coordinating to conduct outreach to impacted companies.

“We have been working with our agency partners since Friday to assess the Kaseya ransomware incident and provide assistance,” said Anne Neuberger, deputy national security advisor for cyber and emerging technology. “The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) are working closely with Kaseya in order to determine the scale of impacted companies.

Biden comments on Kaseya Ransomware attack:

“The fact is, I directed intelligence officials to give me a deep dive on what’s happening, and I’ll know that tomorrow,” Biden said on Saturday. “And if it is with the knowledge or consequence of Russia, then we will respond.”

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