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The WHAT IF…? Of the craziest tech fails of the century

With the Marvel series WHAT IF…? Rocking with crazy concepts and multi-universe concepts. We at Halfofthe thought of bringing you some crazy thoughts on What If the craziest tech fails of the century actually never failed and actually worked in a multi-universe.

For people who are not sure about what a What If the show is all about, let us explain it to you.

What If…? Is an animated American web television series based on the Marvel Comics’ What If? Superhero comic book. The show follows characters from various points in time and space, flipping between them to see how things would have been different if a particular event had happened differently–a “what if” scenario.

The first season will consist of nine episodes with each one focusing on a completely new storyline about what could happen as opposed to following one specific character or team throughout their adventures like other popular shows such as Spider-Man: Into the Spider-verse. A lot more than just superheroes are explored in this show, so it’s not only for hardcore fans but also people who might be looking for something entertaining yet educational at the same time!

The great Samsung Galaxy Note 7

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is the latest in high-end smartphone technology and features a sleek design, powerful processor, and large screen. However, it has been reported that there have been some issues with the phone’s battery life causing overheating and even exploding. This led to a recall of all 2.5 million devices sold before it was officially released in September 2016. So why did this happen?

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is an innovative device that integrates both hardware and software to produce an excellent experience for users. The problem arises when we look at what caused these explosions: reports suggest that faulty batteries were responsible for the overheating and eventual explosion of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7s – this issue could not be detected until after they were shipped to people.

What if Samsung Galaxy Note 7 never failed?

The WHAT IF…? Of the craziest tech fails of the century: Samsung Galaxy note 7
The WHAT IF…? Of the craziest tech fails of the century: Samsung Galaxy Note 7

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