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Of course, we all love watching TV although there have been several newer versions of it lately, the screen is still the same. All of our favorite shows and movies can be enjoyed thoroughly only if the screen is neat, clean, and scratch-free.

How to Properly Clean a TV Screen?
How to Properly Clean a TV Screen?

What we must keep in mind is that keeping it clean is not the only thing but using the right way of cleaning that doesn’t damage the screen in any way is also important. Down below, we have mentioned a few ways how irrespective of the kind of television, to clean your TV screen effectively.

What cleaning items are required to clean a TV?

You do not need plenty of items to clean your screen. Just a few essentials and an effective method will leave your screen speck free. You will need a dry microfiber cloth that is very gentle and this can be even used to remove small smudges from screens of cameras or cell phones.

There probably is a gazillion of microfiber cloth but choose one that feels soft and durable and is at least 10 inches square. Well of course this is not all you need. A pre-moistened wipe or a similar formula in liquid helps in removing any kind of stain or dirt.

What to avoid while You clean a TV?

As much as cleaning is important to keep away all the dust and smudges it is also to be kept in mind to not use the wrong methods of cleaning and prevent from going overboard. One must also remember to avoid certain things while cleaning

  1. Many screens are very sensitive and can get damaged if cleaned harshly. Always use a gentle microfiber cloth.
  2. Do not spray any sort of liquid on the screen or into certain ports on the TV.
  3. Avoid using products that contain substances like ammonia, alcohol, or acetone which might damage the screen coating.
  4. When you are cleaning, make sure the TV is off and preferably remove the cables as well.
  5. Always clean in one direction in the beginning.
  6. The cloth picks up dust while cleaning and to prevent scratches turn the cloth or use a new one.
  7. Allow the screen to dry and avoid repetitive cleaning.

How to clean a Flat Tv Screen?

Flat TV screens belonging to LCD, or plasma TVs cannot be cleaned with any kind of extremely wet products. You can clean your flat TV screen easily without damaging it and all you need is a microfiber cloth and any pre-moistened wipe. In a few steps go clean your TV screens without any hassle.

  1. Use a dry microfiber cloth and dust the entire TV screen thoroughly.
  2. For any kind of smudges or stains, use pre-moistened wipes that are designed especially for electronics.
  3. To give it a final clean, go over all the buttons or any crevices and over the back of the TV to remove the remaining dust.
    Remember that plasma TV screens are made of glass and have anti-glare coatings on them. It is best to follow the above cleaning technique that will leave it undamaged unlike when using the conventional cleaning methods.

How often should I clean A TV?

It is believed that cleaning your TV screens weekly once will help prevent the accumulation of dust or any smudges from fingerprints which when uncleaned can be difficult to remove. Keeping a microfiber cloth near the TV can help in reminding you to clean the screen now and then. Remember to not spray anything on the TV screen or through the vents.

What happens if I never clean my TV?

Cleaning TV screens regularly is very important as otherwise the part might get easily damaged. This can be due to the dust accumulation which causes the part of the TV to get overheated and hence result in obstruction of the streaming on TV. This build-up of dust can also affect the way the images are projected on the TV, it may look as if very dim and distorted. The durability of the TV also gets affected if you do not clean it.

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