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6 Best Kids Cell Phone Options in 2022  

by Bippin

For the majority of parents, the safety of their children is the top priority. Unfortunately, cell phones, as well as smart watches, can both help parents protect their kids while also enabling them to make decisions that may put their lives in danger. Thankfully, there are several great kids’ cell phone options in the market that include features such as parental controls and limited features.  

6 Best Kids Cell Phone Options in 2022  
6 Best Kids Cell Phone Options in 2022  

The Best Kids Cell Phone Options in 2022  

1. Nokia 3310 3G  

Smartphones tend to have too many distracting features; however, with the Nokia 3310 3G, you can keep things old-school for the child.  

The Pros of using a Nokia 3310 3G  

  • Long battery life  
  • Customizable UI  
  • Decent camera  
  • Sturdy build  
  • SNAKE!  

The Cons of using a Nokia 3310 3G  

  • Facebook and Twitter baked in  
  • No water resistance  

Information about the Nokia 3310 3G  

For all intents as well as purposes, children do not require a smartphone. In terms of raw functionality, the Nokia 3310 3G is a great fit for kids. There is something that provides you a sense of safety about your kids playing Snake than some free-to-play mobile MMO.  

The Nokia 3310 3G has a solid design, along with four color choices (yellow, red, blue, black) as well as a standby battery life that probably adds up to several smartphones combined. About one month, according to Nokia.  

One of the downsides is that the internet capability is only limited to 3G. That may make online calls as well as chats a bit choppy, however, on the other hand, it is the kind of internet speed that will ensure your child does not spend endless hours glued to the phone online.  

2. VTech KidiBuzz 3  

Though this looks more like a toy than a working smartphone, the VTech KidiBuzz 3 is the perfect mix of control and freedom for children.  

The Pros of using VTech KidiBuzz 3  

  • 40+ educational games pre-installed  
  • Allows text and voice messages  
  • Includes camera, music, and video apps  
  • Parental controls built into the device  

The Cons of using VTech KidiBuzz 3  

  • Does not allow phone calls  
  • Messaging only works on Wi-Fi  
  • No GPS capabilities  

Information about The VTech KidiBuzz 3  

If you happen to be looking for a simple tech toy that also allows you to stay connected with your kids on the go, the VTech KidiBuzz 3 is a decent option. The device has over 40 pre-installed applications as well as games. It has nearly 2000 more available in the Learning Lodge. The rechargeable battery lasts approximately 4-5 hours while in constant use. The 5MP built-in camera allows kids to take pictures.  

The KidiBuzz has 8GB of internal memory, which is enough to store the contacts you enter for your child along with the games. The memory is not expandable; however, the device is not intended for kids who plan to download music among other items. Since no phone calls can be made, the device doesn’t require a traditional cell phone plan, all the kid would need is Wi-Fi connectivity to send and receive messages.  

This device is best suited for young children between the ages of 4 and 9, it is not ideal for parents who are looking for a way to track their child’s location. The KidiBuzz 3 retails for $100, it is available through most major retailers.  

3. Gabb Phone Z2  

This functional Gabb Phone Z2 is stripped of most of the features that will occupy your kid’s time, setting you as parents’ minds at ease.  

The Pros of using Gabb Phone Z2  

  • No internet access or social media apps  
  • Unlimited talk and text  
  • Built-in camera  
  • GPS tracking  
  • Low cost  

The Cons of using Gabb Phone Z2  

  • No parental controls built-in  
  • No feature for parents to monitor calls or texts  

Information about The Gabb Phone Z2  

The Gabb Phone Z2 comes with a limited number of pre-installed apps. Internet access is not included in the $19.99 a month basic phone plan. As long as your child does not require internet access or specific apps, this can be a great option for basic calling as well as texting.  

Like many cell phones, the Gabb Z2 offers a 16-hour battery life while in use. Or, it can last 450 hours in standby mode. The phone includes 32GB of built-in storage along with an SD card slot to upgrade to an additional 128GB of storage. The phone also includes Bluetooth connectivity, LTE data, as well as a nano-SIM card slot.  

The Gabb Z2 runs a modified version of Android 10, however, this offers limited app installation to cut down the kids’ screen time. However, the phone has a headphone jack, built-in speakers, also dual cameras.  

The Gabb Z2 is a great value phone for parents who wish to limit what apps and features are available for children. The Gabb costs $99.99 with options to spread payments into the monthly contract, it is also available through Gabb Wireless.  

4. Pinwheel Plus Kids Cell Phone  

If you need a cell phone specifically designed to “grow with your child,” you don’t need to look any further than the Pinwheel Kids Cell Phone.  

The Pros of using Pinwheel Plus  

  • Customizable modes  
  • Parental controls through the app  
  • GPS locator  
  • No app store is available  
  • Compatible with multiple carriers  

The Cons of using Pinwheel Plus  

  • Fairly expensive device  
  • Parents have to install any apps or games separately  

Information about The Pinwheel Plus Kids Cell Phone  

The device runs a custom version of Android 11 accompanied by the Pinwheel Caregiver app. Parents can completely customize the child’s experience, they can completely control what apps or features are available at any time.  

The device has 64GB of storage, with the ability to expand. This comes with a headphone jack, Bluetooth capabilities, as well as 5G/LTE support. It also has an impressive 48MP main camera along with a 13MP selfie camera.   

The Pinwheel+ retails for $329, comes fully unlocked, and is ready to go with any cellular provider. 

5. Palm Phone  

The tiny Palm phone packs plenty of power while offering lots of customization options, thus making it a great cell phone regardless of the child’s age.  

The Pros of using Palm Phone  

  • Fully-functional Android device  
  • Built-in location tracking  
  • Long battery life  
  • Small, lightweight design  
  • The Palm Phone can be used with mostly any major cell carrier  
  • Has the ability to limit screen time, app downloads, as well as more through Google Family Link. 

The Cons of using Palm Phone  

  • Allows access to the internet and Google Play Store  
  • The small size makes it easier for children to lose  
  • Fairly expensive device  

Information about The Palm Phone  

The Palm Phone is a great option for slightly older kids who want a smartphone, as it offers lots of customization options. All the while providing outstanding parental controls. Furthermore, the unlocked device includes a SIM pin as well as a removable SIM tray. Not to mention it is compatible with nearly any cell carrier, including major brands such as AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile.  

The device runs Android, it includes 32GB of internal storage, however, it doesn’t have the option to expand the storage. This has a small, 3.3-inch screen, the Palm Phone has 13-hour battery life. This also sports a 12MP rear camera along with an 8MP selfie camera.  

This tiny device is highly durable. You can drop it from a height of 5 feet without having to worry, the phone is water-resistant, as well. Durability along with the functionality of the Phone makes it ideal for older children as well as teens who require a useful and durable cell phone.  

The fully unlocked version costs nearly $250, it is available through most major retailers. 

6. Jitterbug Flip 2  

The Jitterbug’s limited features as well as the ease of use do not just make it great for old people, they also make it a great option for kids’ cell phones.  

The Pros of using Jitterbug Flip 2  

  • Large buttons  
  • Built-in camera  
  • List-based layout  

The Cons of using Jitterbug Flip 2  

  • No parental controls  
  • Can’t monitor calls and texts  
  • No GPS tracking  

Information about The Jitterbug Flip 2  

The Jitterbug Flip 2 does not offer much in the way of features, this is a relatively easy-to-use, highly durable device. The lack of internet access as well as apps makes it a great option for families who just require a simple talk and text phone for their child.  

The phone provides approximately 12 hours of talk time, however, as the phone does not have a touch screen or any other smartphone features, you’d expect, the battery can go days between charges. The device allows GPS tracking, Bluetooth connectivity, as well as a standard headphone jack.  

On top of that, the Flip 2 does include SIM as well as SD card slots, it grants the ability to expand the phone’s total storage to 32GB. Sadly, you are limited to a single carrier, it is far from the cheapest phone on the market. The phone itself retails for approximately $100, however, there are deals through online retailers such as Amazon.  

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