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By reading this article and following the provided simple instructions, you can easily install chrome on Samsung smart TV. As Chrome is the most used browser, it is normal for you to be accustomed to using the browser, when compared with other web browsers offered on Samsung TV. If you want you can also install the Google play store on Samsung TV, and delete the preinstalled apps as well. 

3 Ways to install Chrome on Samsung smart TV
3 Ways to install Chrome on Samsung smart TV

Google provides simple handy features along with tips in order to make navigation much easier, these features will be used by us to our advantage. 

Before beginning this installation process, you have to download it on your tv, for this, you need to be connected to the same Wi-Fi network on both devices. After the connection is set up. You will be able to easily install Google Chrome on your Samsung smart TV. Given below are some quick methods for installing google chrome on your smart tv.

Method 1: You can install Google Chrome by using Google Chromecast 

  • Step:1 On your mobile phone open Chrome, and tap on the main menu (this is indicated by three small dots) situated at the top right corner of your browser.
  • Step:2 Tap on the submit option which can be found in that drop-down menu
  • Step:3 After that a window will appear, from there select the chrome cast device
  • Step:4 Now lastly, tap on the send icon that is displayed on the right side of the address bar

Method 2: You can install Google Chrome by Using Google chrome APK 

  • Step:1 If you want to download an APK of Chrome on your PC, then visit the APKpure website in your browser, then click on Download APK 
  • Step:2 Then, copy that google chrome cast secure file into your USB.
  • Step:3 Next, insert the USB into your smart TV USB port. Then, proceed to install the solid explorer file manager. 
  • Step:4 Then, select the three stripes which are on the upper left corner, then choose the SD card.
  • Step:5 Next tap on the APK file for google chrome, then tap on open the file with the package installer.

Method 3: You can install Chrome on Samsung Smart TV Through a shortcut

This step isn’t much of an install but is more of a quick navigation tactic.

  • Step:1 In your Samsung smart TV open the google chrome from the inbuilt web browser 
  • Step:2 In order to make a favorite, click on the star icon that is situated in the top right corner of the search bar.
  • Step:3 Tap on the option to add to local tv. The star will change its color to yellow 
  • Step:4 The tap on the exit.
  • Step:5 Go to the favorite option, then go to Google Chrome shortcut.

If you followed any of the above processes, then your smart tv will work efficiently and improve the speed of Google Chrome, it will work similarly to a PC.

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